Marathon Training During COVID-19/T-Minus 2

P90X, Day 40:

Dear Tony,

Yes, it was an hour late, but another session of leg and back/ABX is in the books.

First the bad: I hit a wall on Ab Ripper x this morning, somewhere between the wide-leg (for me) sit-ups and the Fifer scissors. It wasn’t hunger or fatigue, I just hurt too much in the midsection to make the reps. I gutted out the rest of the ABX session, but oh man was I hurting this morning.

Now the good; I am getting better on all my pull-ups. I actually busted out 24 reps on the last set of switch-grip pull-ups. I can’t wait until the 90 days are over so I can find an actual Marine Corps pull-up bar and see if I can actually crank out a few…at fifty years young and retired for ten years.

Gear news: Tony, I went to to see if I could order a package or two of your Recovery Drink…every flavor is sold out. I went to GNC and bought a package of Beyond Raw Precision BCAA. I talked to the GNC rep and she told me that you drink some of the mix while you’re working out as well as afterwards, to aid in the recovery process. I’ll take some of this after the Kenpo X workout and see what happens.

Can I even order any dumbbells from anywhere?

See you next time, Tony…at 0500ish (tomorrow’s a Saturday, I make no guarantees).



Going motivated for today’s run as well as Sunday’s. Ran today with the grey tech shirt I purchased at the Marine Corps Museum last year. Running Sunday with the fluorescent yellow Marine Corps Marathon tech shirt I bought in 2015, and a set of red and gold Marines running trunks that I have had for over thirty years.

I am also running in Copper Fit sports socks on Sunday. A couple of years ago I had issues with the socks sliding off my feet as I ran, but I haven’t had that problem lately.

I may have to replace some of my polyester running shorts; they keep riding up my crotch while I run. I also have to retire a set of grey Marines trunks because they’re getting too big on me; I found this out during the 9 miler a few weeks ago.

Today’s run put me over 200 miles on my current set of running shoes. They haven’t been the exact set of shoes that I needed, but I have not felt any ill effects. My run times haven’t suffered either. I think they’ll be fine for another month or so.

Speaking of running, the thermometer hit 75 today. Today will be my last afternoon/early evening run. Gonna be a warm summer.


Raineri Run 4:

My last warm-up before the (virtual) Historic Half on Sunday, and I’m right where I want to be: running an 11;30 mile.

At 4:30 p.m. I downed a Snickers bar and a tub of Chobani Mixed berries yogurt. At 5:40, I started stretching out, using stretches from the P90X DVDs.

I was worried about running after the peak heat of the day, but fortunately my route was lined with trees that gave me enough shade. Also noted the traffic that was pretty heavy. I guess the partial re-opening of Maryland did get underway after all.

This was just a last tune-up, so I am satisfied with the splits I got today. I am rounding into good form, even though I’m a little heavier than I wanted to be. I broke my keto diet with some beef pho and shrimp rolls tonight, but my excuse is that I am carbo-loading for Sunday.

Sunday morning is gonna be a good day.

Song of the Day: David Bowie/”Moorage Daydream:” I discovered this song while I was in the Staff NCO office of the Automated test equipment brand at MALS-14, MCAS Cherry Point, NC...July 2004. From Genius:

“Moonage Daydream” initially failed to chart when released as a single in 1971 by Arnold Corns, Bowie’s side project that has come to be seen as a “dry run” for the Ziggy experiment. Peter Doggett claimed that the song “would have been long forgotten” if it hadn’t later been re-recorded and included on Ziggy Stardust about a year later.

“The song fits on the concept album’s story arc by describing Ziggy as a character using sci-fi imagery that gives it a sense of escapism and wonder.

“In 2002, Bowie published a book about his experience between 1972 and 1973 and named it after this song: “Moonage Daydream: The Life and Times of Ziggy Stardust”.

“40 years after it was released, “Moonage Daydream” featured on the soundtrack to Guardians Of The Galaxy

“In an excerpt from his (never-published) autobiography, Bowie claimed that the song was based on an unspecified friend of his, possibly Vince Taylor. It should be noted that these reflections were written during his time of greatest cocaine usage and should be taken with a grain of salt:

My records were selling and I was being a man in demand … Then my friend came to mind, standing the way we stood in Bewlay Brothersand I wrote “Moonage Daydream.”

“Several of the people involved with the song have cited it as their favorite from the album.”


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