“Historic Week!”


Got up at 0430. Spent 20 minutes “on the throne”. Steeped out at 0455 to an OMFG coldness (I thought this was May not March!). Changed into warmer gear. Another 20 minutes taking another No.2. By 0600, the “full moon” had set, and my running mojo was gone.

So, I’m postponing the Superwillow 6 until tomorrow.

The schedule for my Historic Half Homestretch:

Monday 0500: Core Synergistics, P90X

Monday 1730 (5:30 p.m.): Superwillow 6

Tuesday: Cardio X

Wednesday 0500: Chest-Shoulders-Biceps/Ab Ripper X (ABX)

Wednesday 1730: iStore 4

Thursday 0500: Yoga X

Friday 0500: Legs-Back/ABX

Friday 1730: Raineri Run 4

Saturday 0500: Kenpo X

Sunday: St. Mary’s City 13.1 (virtual Historic Half 2020 Run)

Gonna be an historic week.

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