Marathon Training During COVID-19: Boxty

One more day above ground. One more day alive, healthy, and teleworking.

No coronavirus symptoms. Acceptable eyesight and hearing for a 50 y/o black male with Type-2 diabetes. Acceptable blood sugar levels for same. Alone, but not that lonely.

Another day…another chance.


P90X Day 34

Dear Tony,

After a week off, got re-introduced to Legs and Back/Ab Ripper X (ABX). I am getting better on all the pull-up routines; once I graduate, I will take a day to find a Marine Corps regulation pull-up bar and see how many I can actually do.

I am also actually getting better at ABX. I am adapting my body to do the routines where I can fully work the abdominals and the obliques, so I can do more reps and feel the burn in the belly. And I do need to work the belly because I have abandoned the keto diet lately.

Speaking of the keto diet, I’m having Irish boxty four dinner.

Never mind. See you next time…0500 (I’m also getting better at that this week!)


Shangri-La 3

Yes, this was the “taper week” before the virtual Historic Half Marathon next Sunday.

No, I had no excuse for missing the run on Wednesday, especially when the mid afternoon “deluge” lasted about ten minutes. It was bright and sunny after about 5:30 p.m.

No, I am not running three straight days like I’ve been doing…there’s a reason it’s called a taper.

And then…those splits, tho’! 11:43, 11:13, 11:05. Yes, Shangri-La is a pretty fast and short course, but it’s nice to know you can break 11:30 once in a while.

Sunday will be the Superwillow 6; starting from Green Meadow Lane to MD-5, back up Willow Road all the way up thru Shangri-La Drive and back to Abberly Crest. A nice, fast (?) six before the main event next Sunday.


No song of the day tonight, but here’s my dinner.



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