Dear Tony/P90X, Day 34

Dear Tony,

One more good session of Kenpo X in the book as of five minutes ago (quarter after 4PM EST). Today’s life lessons:

  1. Command decision: I will use the Siebers series stretch next Sunday before my virtual Historic half.
  2. Use the hips when throwing punches, kicks, or blocks. This will add more “power’ to the punch or kick without fully extending the arm or leg (and reducing the risk if hyperextension).
  3. Todays heart rates: 64 bpm @ 38:11/53 bpm @ 28:15/55 @ 21:10/52 @ 14:52/73 @ 4:35. The time noted is the time left in the workout.
  4. Not enough flour and too much oil and bacon drippings in my boxty. Not really potato pancakes and just barely hash browns. Not even golden brown.
  5. I still ate them.

Tomorrow is my 6 mile taper run. Maybe I’ll do X Stretch?

See you next time, Tony!


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