Dear Tony/P90X, Day 32

Dear Tony,

If memory serves me right, you designed Cardio X as not only a solo workout, but a supplementary workout for the two-a-day workouts for P90X Doubles (I’m doing P()X Lean, by the way).

Well it was a two-a-day for me as I made up Monday’s no-show today. This morning was another awesome Yoga X, even though I am still struggling with the crane and plough to shoulder stand postures. Not sure about royal dancer either.

On one of my runners pages, I asked when the best time of the day was for doing yoga. A lady queries whether I was going for flow and rhythm or core and strengthening. This being P90X, I answered the latter. She responded by telling me that the best time for that sort of yoga was best in the early mornings, since my body would be fully awake when I was done. So, back to the 0430 reveilles for Yoga X.

Today on Cardio X, I paused at the end of each stage of exercise (yoga, kenpo, plyometrics, core) to take my pulse. I don’t know my target heart rate times for fat burning or cardio, but here they are anyway:

  1. Yoga: 66 bpm @ 27:19
  2. Kenpo: 54 bpm@ 18:04
  3. Plyo: 64 bpm @ 10:48
  4. Core: 55 bpm @ 3:18

So, I guess I will look up suggested target heart rates on Google sometime tonight.

Because of projected rain tomorrow afternoon, I am running first thing in the morning (Shangri-La Drive) and doing Legs and Back/ABX after I get done with work tomorrow.

Engage the core. Breathe. It works.

See you tomorrow afternoon, Tony!

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