Dear Tony/P90X, Day 32

Dear Tony,

Well, Tony…Chest/Shoulders/Triceps was a revelation. Talk about muscle confusion, and mental confusion!

Basically, I got lost trying to do some of the routines, instead of taking a few extra seconds to find out what was going on. And OMFG, some of that stuff was HARD.

Eventually, I went back to the basic principles of engaging the core and BREATHING, which helped some…but not that much.

I did finish the regular routines, and even attempted some of the bonus moves. Today, however, was an “indoctrination day.”

Oh, well, there’s always next time.

Yoga X in the morning, Cardio X in the evening. See you next time, Tony!

Break break

Today’s three miler run is cancelled; just dropped a big wet thunderstorm. Also, because I didn’t go shopping this weekend like I was supposed to, I now have to go out to get my dinner. Gonna be another bad day on the scales this Sunday.

This is supposed to be my taper week for next week’s (virtual) Historic Half: 3 miles Wednesday and Friday, and the Superillow 6 on Sunday morning. Hopefully the weather will clear up later this week.

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