Dear Tony: P90X, Day 30

Dear Tony,

I’m actually a day behind on my workouts, but I made it to day 30. I did Core Synergistics…which I was supposed to do yesterday…twenty-four hours ago.

I have had my mind on my money and my money on miming the last few days, and I’ve been in a kind of a funk. So, when I put in the DVD at just after 5:00 p.m. today, I decided to skip the worksheet and just crank out as many reps of the exercises as I could humanly muster.

Between my attitude, my pre-workout protein bar yogurt, and bottle of water, I believe I did pretty good. I actually had the heart on on the HVAC in my apartment, but I wasn’t sweating that much. I got through most of the exercises by following the basic rules: engage the core and BREATHE. I am actually getting better at both, and it is helping me bust out a few more reps on each routine.

So…the rest of the week looks like twice a days through Friday. Tomorrow is  Chest-Shoulder-Triceps and Ab Ripper X with a there miler on Shangri-La Drive. Thursday is Yoga X in the morning and Cardio X after work. Friday is Legs-Back/ABX in the morning and another three miler to MD-5 and back after work.

P90X, Week 5 is gonna be a lot of fun!

I’m gonna shower and get Taco bell drive thru for Cinco deMayo…no, I have no shame at all.

See you in the morning, Tony!

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