HH2020: Zion Park 12

The night before was spent trying to get one more meal before bedtime, so I would not ‘run out of gas” on my 12 mile run the next day. What should have been a routine fifteen minute round trip to Wendy’s took forty minutes. Even worse, The KFC’s next door had as many drive through customers as Wendy’s. By the time I finally got my order, the line at KFC was clear. KFC was also still open; Wendy’s had closed after I left (I was their last customer).

I went to bed at 10:45, but I had not laid out my running outfit for the next day, Revielle would go at 0405 instead of 0415.

Because I wasn’t that ready to run, and because i did Yoga X only twelve hours earlier, I decided not to rush to be on the road by 0500 today. I got up, got my protein shake, lubed up with Skin-So-Soft and Chafe Defender, stretched out, downed a bottle of water with Ucan, and got on the road at 0540.

I would have been on the road a little sooner if not for 1) a last second trip to the throne room, and 2) a last second decision to grab a leftover GU and my 8-oz. bottle of Mio water with pickle juice.

Zion Park is actually two six mile runs combined into one. The first leg went out to Zion United Methodist Church, about two miles south of NAS Patuxent River Gate 2. There is a swale jabout a quarter mile from Gate Two, but I was feeling good this morning and my pace going in both directions of the swale was pretty good. I had negative splits from the start at Abberly Crest all the way through the first four miles; by the time I had passed over the hill going back to the Crest, I ran mile 6 at 11:18 and was running an 11:39 overall pace.

The second half went from my usual Green Meadow Lane start/finish point out to Park Hill Road and back. This half had the steepest of uphills/downhills on the run, starting with the downhill from Willow Road to MD-5 North, then going uphill on MD-5/Point Lookout Road towards Park Hall Road. My 11:30 pace did drop on this half of the course, but it wasn’t a dramatic drop-off, averaging a 12:45 pace on the last two miles.

I hit the twelve mile mark about a quarter mile from Green Meadow Lane, and I decided that I had done enough hills for the day. Rather than my traditional “closing kick” past the three fireplugs back to Abberly Crest, I decided to run through the “Finish gate” formed by the GML street sign and the adjoining stop sign. The final time was 2:24:24 over 12.25 miles, at an 11:45 pace.

I probably lost about five minutes trying to scrounge up my spare GU packet and the mim-bottle of water for my run. Today I went twelve miles, and I never touched either the GU or the water. There’s something to be said for UCAN Hydrate, and proper hydration and eating the day before long runs. Unfortunately, I went on a junk food binge since Thursday, and I ended up at 225 this week, two pounds heavier than last week.

Another good week in the books. Apparently two days a week of P90x in the morning and runs in the afternoon are not killing me. I’m running about 11:30 pace on short runs and 12:00 on long runs. My keto diet discipline was really bad this week, but today is a trip to the supermarket to restock.

But first…it’s nap time.

Song of the day: George Baker Selection:”Little Green Bag:” The them music from the opening credits/”dudes walking” scene from Reservoir Dogs. This song did better in Europe than the US when it was released in 1969. Where does Quentin Tarantino find all this music? I guess he’s as big a music lover as he is a movie lover.

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