Marathon Training During COVID-19: Dual x3


The TV has not been on that much during my shelter-in-place month at home.

I stay away from the TV news; the global COVID-19 pandemic has been turned into a political football, with too many people on every side and faction doing more fighting for November votes than working for solutions for the near and far term. Besides, most of the female anchors are at home and/or behind desks…no leg shots.

I have all but given up on the home shopping networks. Not that much that I want to buy. I rarely see a female hostess wearing skirts or a dress. Also, I keep seeing the same two or there at nearly all hours.

Sports is a joke. The EASports Madden and FIFA tournaments on ESPN are a small reminder of how my PS2’s DVD last reader died on me, and getting a refurbished on will take some time. Sports talk radio and their TV simulcast is useless without much actual live sports. Some, but not much interest in The Last Dance documentary; too much of a reminder of when the Chicago Bulls were championship contenders, instead of the mediocrities they are now.

Last night I started watching NHK World, the Japanese based, English language version of the Japanese television network. Maybe when I decide the TV is less background noise and more something to watch, I’ll take a closer look at it.

…and wasn’t I supposed to to the game_mod SD card update for my Atari Flashback 9 on my birthday…over a month ago?




Dear Tony,

Well today I finally caught up on my P90X schedule. Thursday it was Kenpo X in the morning and X Stretch just after work. Today it was Cardio X.

Lessons learned:

  1. Kenpo X: learn to sync moving your hips, legs and feet when throwing the punches. Don’t worry too much about how fast you’re throwing the punches any more than you would about pulling back when you punch. Concentrate on using your hips/legs/feet to drive the punches. You’ll throw the punches harder and get more of a workout.
  2. I’m also getting better at hitting “pause” and taking my pulse at the water breaks.
  3. X Stretch: Not as dented in sweat as the other workouts, but I did get damp near the end. I was convinced that X Stretch does connect to the other P90X workouts and can help reduce the risk of injury. However…trying to fit in XStretch into my running schedule will be a challenge. Maybe after a Sunday run? Get up at 0500 on Mondays? We’ll see, but I’m not too sure about doing two exercise periods a day (p()X and running) more than twice a week.
  4. Cardio X: Times to pause and check your pulse: after the yoga sequence, after the kenpo sequence,  after the plyometric sequence, and just before the cool down.

Yoga X bright and early…see you next time, Tony!


iStore 4

The facility is called iStorage, actually.

So, today I clocked an 11:23 pace, even though I was slacking on the last mile headed towards iStorage and back. The three mile marker is just before the three fireplugs on the uphill towards the Abberly Crest entrance. After that, it’s an uphill and downhill, and mostly flat out to the iStore and back up the hill to finish. I also extended the run a little too far out past the iStorage, but for me it’s better to finish a little over the distance than a little under.

This week on P90X focused more on cardio than muscle-building, but i think it’s still impressive that I managed to go sub 11:30 on days when I had to workout in the morning or at noon and then run four hours later. Also, I’m using a few more stretches from P90X and I think that’s helping me be more durable.

I thought a little bit about the Sunday run, especially on the turnaround at MD-5. I would have to climb the hill going north on Willows Road for the final mile and a half to finish Sunday. Ditto for the Virtual Half in sixteen days. Also, I will probably need an 8-oz bottle of water with Mio and pickle juice for the final 4 miles. Maybe a Gu packet as well.

Just looked at MapMyRun: 21.5 miles in the last seven days. Paces since Saturday: 11:30, 12:01, 11:26, 11:23. Nice.


Song of the Day: Duran Duran/”A View to a Kill:” My favorite James Bond opening theme song ever. I played the hell out of my older sister’s Duran Duran records when I was in high school. From Genius:

“Duran Duran’s “A View to a Kill” is the title track of Roger Moore’s last James Bond movie, released in 1985. It is the most successful 007 theme in North America, hitting #1 in the Hot 100.

“It inspired a memorable music video where singer Simon Le Bon has his spy day (even sharing the Eiffel Tower with the actual film). Much better than movie’s actual credits, too cheesy and 80s for their own good…”

The actual YouTube video in the hyperlink is a fan-made remix of the original song, and a damn good one. It repeats the best bits of the song, and at the end, adds “That Fatal Kiss,” a “romantic” version of “View” arranged by Bond soundtrack producer John Barry.



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