Marathon Training During COVID-19…the saga continues

P90X, Day 24:

Dear Tony,

Today, I straight up bonked it.

Normally, I eat a protein bar within a half hour of my workout. I didn’t have a great dinner last night, and I skipped the bar because I didn’t want to have to go No.2 just before or during a workout.

Not a good idea. I did some of the routines a little better than others, but sometimes I lost that focus. I think during others I was fatigued a little more than I should have. I had to shut it down during the “bonus stage,” during the plank to chatarunga sequences.

So, tomorrow it’s back to the bar and being a little more disciplined in my pre-workout throne room protocols.

Because I overdid the No.2 on Monday, I am doing a double P90X session tomorrow: Kenpo X in the AM and then X Stretch in the PM.

See you next time, Tony!


Raineri Run 4:

Today at noon was as good as it was gonna get for running: 55 degrees, sunny, and very little wind. No sense waiting until after work, just after the “heat” of the day (if you can call 61 deg. at 4:00 p.m. ‘heat.”). At 11:30 a.m. I started stretching, implementing a few stretches that I picked up from P90X. The sitting glutes stretch actually helped me today, because recently picked up some sore muscles in my left thigh. No such issues today.

As for today’s trot to Raineri Run: well, I can’t complain about an 11:26 pace, including a 10:48 on mile 3. Also considering that I finished P90X just under six hours before the run, I’ll take a pace like that for any short run.



I have done a lot better at keeping my training schedule since the lockdown. I’m workout out at least 25~35 minutes longer than my circuit cycles, and working out much harder. I’ve dropped at least ten pounds in the past month, and I’m running around an 11:30~12:00 minute pace. No major soreness or fatigue issues, I’m doing much better on my “keto” diet and I’ve seriously reduced the junk food and fast food from my daily routine.

I get up at 0430 for a P90X workout at 0500…or postpone it until later. Protein shake, breakfast, check-in via text message and go straight to work. Around 5:30, make up my P90X or go running. Dinner around 6:30~7:00.

No COVID-19 symptoms. No ligament or muscle tears. Type 2 diabetes under control. Going to see my RN practitioner Friday about my blood pressure and setting up for my cataract surgery in July.

The TV has been mostly off, surprisingly. Mostly HSN and QVC, maybe the odd sports talk show. No news of any kind; the outright lack of a search for solutions is depressing. The political news right now is a cringe, but it’s like a car crash: I just can’t look away.


So…how are YOU doing?


Song of the Day: Rolling Stones/”It’s Only Rock N’ Roll(But I Like It):”¬†Amazing what pops into your lineup when you hit the YouTube link. methinks the actual female fan base would be much more rowdy in real life. And once again, Genius is only good for the song lyrics, and worthless in regards to any insight on the song.

It’s only one of the best rock bands in music history, fellas…no big deal.

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