Dear Tony/P90X, Day 22

Dear Tony,

So, today starts Week 4 of P90X. Because this week’s workouts are more focused on cardio and stretching than weights, I am calling this a transition week.

Today was Yoga X. I slept in as usual; however, because I didn’t want to cut too much into my workday, I started after 6:00 p.m. rather than noon.

Today’s lesson? I think I need more than the worksheets for the workouts. I need to actually start writing down about what I’m doing for the moves where I am having difficulty, like the latter stages of the balance postures. I did make attempts at the crane and plough postures, but they are going to need much more work.

So…Yoga X to start the day or Yoga X right after work? Not sure, but I think I’m gonna sleep good tonight.

Tomorrow is Core Synergistics…see you next time, Tony!

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