HH2020: Dual Day 2

P90X, Day 20

Dear Tony,

Kenpo X today marked Day 20 and the end of Week Three for me on the P90X program. Kenpo was yet another good sweat workout.

Two things I learned today:

  1. Saunders series might be good for stretching for my longer runs. I felt really good and ready for the workout when the Saunders cycle was done. In fact there are a lot of stretches I may start using when my runs start moving past the half-marathon distance in a few weeks.
  2. There’s a reason that you keep saying “Hit the pause button.” When break time comes, I usually try to get my heart monitor readings while ignoring the exercises you do during the break. I finally decided to hit the “pause” button on the DVD and took my time getting my heart readings. After that was done, it was hit “play” and back to the action.

No rest or Stretch X because I’m going on a run. Yoga X will be late on Monday.

See you next time, Tony!


Ranieri Run 4

I got a little bit better stretch than yesterday, then hit the road. Abberly Crest to Shangri-La/Great Mills Road, then up to the Ranieri Run neighborhood, then turned around and back up the three fireplugs towards the finish.

With the state under a shelter-in-place order, you would guess that there would be fewer cars on the road. It seemed that every time that MapMyRun on my phone was announcing the mile marker and split time, there was always a car or two in the vicinity.

So, for the second straight day, P90X in the morning and a run before noon. Today was an 11:30 pace over 4.15 miles. I had negative splits on the first three, then dropped on the last mile. The last mile is about a quarter mile before the uphill to Ranieri Run, then back downhill before a long rise towards the end.

Tonight’s gameplan: EAT. I bonked hard at mile eight on the SAIC run last week, so i want to properly feel up for the run. Some more Mission BBQ meat sampler for dinner, then some meat and cheese plate before bedtime.

Tomorrow morning it is supposed to rain. I will sound reveille at 0415 as usual; if it’s raining, it’s back to bed until 0700 for an 0800 run.

Song of the day: XTC/”Senses Working Overtime:” I loved this song back in the early days of MTV. Just a good, snappy rhythm, fascinating lyrics, and Andy Partidge’s singing. Also, just the band playing their instruments and no convoluted plot line or outlandish costumes. Genius got nothing but the lyrics.

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