Marathon Training During COVID-19

P90X, Day 19:

Dear Tony,

Twelve hours ago, I hit PLAY on Legs and Back/Ab Ripper X. I believe I’m getting better at pull-ups because I’m doing a few more each week. With each workout, I am getting better at focusing on engaging the core: shoulders squared with the hips, stomach in without straining to breathe, torso lined up with the legs.

I slipped a bit on ABX; today I could only muster six Pfeifer scissors. Otherwise, after last week’s breakdown, I am doing better on each workout.

Kenpo X tomorrow…see you next time!


Shelter In Place:

Another day where I wake up to answer the 0430 alarm, instead of dying of a heart attack or stroke in my sleep. Another day working through the keto diet. Another productive day of teleworking.

The good: My health. No corona virus symptoms, not even an easily treatable cold. My legs are handling P90X and running on the same day twice a week.

The bad: No personal interaction except over the phone.

The TV is mostly silent. Lots of YouTube music videos. Still haven’t redone my Game_mod for my Atari Flashback 9.


Three Days of Running:

Because I missed Wednesday’s run, I am running three straight days: Friday (3 mi.), Saturday (4) and Sunday (9 miles, from Park Hall to Shangri-La Drive and back). The big obstacle is going to be the weather. It has been raining the last two days, with more on the way Saturday and Sunday.

Considering I had not run in four days, today’s run was not bad. The sun finally peeked out about 1100, and 1130 I was on the road. Just a quick three miles from Abberly Crest to HWY-5 and back. My second mile split, which is going downhill for the first half mile and uphill for the second half, was only five seconds slower than my first mile split. I finished the three miles at an 11;39 clip.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X in the morning, then deciding the best time to to the Raineri Run 4 miler. Also, I need to eat more tomorrow so I don’t wear myself out on Sunday.


Song of the Day: Kasabian/”Club Foot:” In an interview with NME, songwriter Serge Pizzorno described this song as being about “loving a woman so much you want to kill it”( kill what, exactly? HT: Genius).

“According to famous Spanish footballer Fernando Torres, the song was used in the Spanish team’s preparation for the 2010 football World Cup in South Africa. The song was played in the dressing room before every match to get the players “in the zone.”






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