Dear Tony: P90X Week 3/Doubles

Dear Tony,

Yesterday, I took the day off. Two weeks of P90X and 40 miles of running took their toll on me. Also, I took too long on Monday to take the rental car back because it was raining and I didn’t want to ride home in a downpour.

I looked over my Historic half training schedule since February. Four weeks of a half-hour gym work three days a week, then missing four straight gym sessions over a week-plus, then two weeks of forty-five minutes of gym work, followed by a two week stretch of nothing, and then two weeks of averaging an hour a day of intense workouts over six days, including two of this epic days where i ran in the afternoon.

I also noted that I was missing way too much workout time, and I really can’t afford to miss much more workout time.

And so, I start of P90X Week 3…with an unscheduled off day.

I came back strong this morning at 0500 (-ish) with Core Synergistics. I have to admit: some of the numbers were off from last week’s session. Maybe it was focus, maybe it was being behind when transitioning between routines. Sometimes I even lost count of how many reps I was doing. Also, during the bonus stage, I had to withdraw from the table dip leg raises because of a twinge in my right hamstring.

Did I say I came back strong this morning?

So, after putting in my workday, I popped in the Cardio X DVD just after 5:00 this afternoon. Being the shortest workout outside of Ab Ripper X, I managed to get my sweat on. The only real problem was that I did my legs wrong on the plyometrics, and I ended up doing most of the exercises on my right foot. Other than that, no problems.

Tomorrow morning, it’s Shoulders and Arms plus Ab Ripper X, and a three mile run to Highway-5 and back.

See you next time, Tony…0500. And I mean it this time.

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