HH2020: Fuel Tank

I didn’t eat well enough Saturday and it came back to bite me in the ass on Sunday.

This morning, I ran out to the SAIC Building in California, MD, an 11 mile round-trip run. The elevation changes weren’t that steep, but they were pretty long…a half-mile or so in some stretches.

I was close to 12 minutes spilts up to Mile 7. Around mile 8 was where I ran into trouble, or more accurately, where I ran out of gas/ Just past mile 8, coming up on Expedition/Exploration Drives, I felt a gaping hole on my stomach. I was getting hungry, and I had no way to get some fuel into my system. I wasn’t really thirsty (thanks again Ucan!), but I was so hungry and I just didn’t have enough get up and go. I knew my time was going to suffer for it, so I power walked up to Mile 9. Ironically, I found my second wind going up the last uphill on south MD-235 before my turn-off back onto Great Mills Road.

Quick memory: I started working at the SAIC building in October 2016. I didn’t start visiting the gym until February 2018. The gym was nice; ellipticals and treadmills in the back, and plenty of weight machines in the front, just enough to do my circuit cycle workouts. I could whip out a late afternoon workout neat the end of the workday, and maybe catch a UEFA Champions League match on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I moved out of SAIC two years ago this month. Oh, well…nice while it lasted.

Despite being late every day except yesterday, I made all my P90X workouts and did incrementally better than last week. I learned to center my body better; squaring my shoulders with the hips, holding in my stomach (not necessarily “sucking it in”) and aligning my hips with the rest of my legs. I also did much better keeping tabs on my worksheets, as far as counting my reps and making notes about what I was doing.

My run times went down from 11:38 on Wednesday to 12:34 today. I’m going to put today down to very poor nutrition the day before. I had a protein shake and breakfast after Kenpo X, then proceeded to NOT eat anything until 7:00 last night. I finished most, but not all, of a microwave lasagna, and didn’t touch the steamed vegetables. I got up at 0330 to chow down a couple of Chobani yogurts, then downed another protein shake at 0415, but it really wasn’t enough.

P90X isn’t helping me-yet-but it’s not hurting me that much. After I get through this breakdown period (end of this month) I believe my run times will be better.

Oh…and I lost three pounds! Progress! Still need to each much better though. Especially on Saturdays!

Song of the Day: Corey Hart/”Sunglasses at Night:” Because that’s what 97.7 the Bay is playing right now. If it inspires your running, fine with me. From Genius:

“One of the best-known hits from Canadian singer Corey Hart, “Sunglasses at Night” describes a man being cheated on who wears his “sunglasses” as to stay willfully ignorant of his lover’s unfaithfulness. The song appears on the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Soundtrack (Wave 103) and on the Netflix show Stranger Things.”


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