HH2020: Fatigued

Long story short:

Alarm went off at 0430. I “took a nap for five minutes…” and then woke up at 0535.

Got up at 0600, and then spent 20 minutes taking my early morning No.2. At 0700, having eaten my protein bar an hour ago (after getting up at 0330 and eating two Chobani yogurts) I am hungry and want breakfast. With no coffee in the house, I order McDonald’s off Uber Eats.

0900: Bike ride to Enterprise to rent a car for about 24 hours to do some grocery shopping.

1230. Flip a coin: Heads its P90X, with Legs and Back/Ab Ripper X. Tails and it’s a four mile iStore run.

Coin flip is heads.

1300. Pop in the L&B/ABX DVD (OMFG!)

Today’s lesson: strengthen the core. For all the leg squats, I do better if I square my shoulders on line with my hips, and turn my hips forward in line with my legs. Square shoulders, chest out, stomach in, hips squared forward.

Works wonders on ABX as well.

1615. A brief dinner of chili and thawed mixed fruit with orange juice.

1740. A serious stretch, since I am still sore from P90X.

1855: 4.02 miles, just clearing the 4 mile mark at the stop sign in front of Abberly Crest. 49:53 for a 12:24 pace. Between the soreness and the stiff wind (23 mph at step-off) I had no business expecting a sub-12:00 pace. It was all about getting the miles in.

And that’s it for today. Too tired to even cook, I’m going to settle for another $20 delivery from Uber Eats. Yes, I know…bye, bye keto. This is what “breaking down” looks like.

Song of the Day: More like video of the day. Enjoy!


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