Dear Tony/P90X:Day 13

Dear Tony,

Alarm goes off at 0430, out of the rack at 0435…and press play on the DVD for Kenpo X at 0505! Progress!

Lots of cardio and leg work this morning. I think I can also use the Siebers series stretches (first 11 minutes of the workouts) for when I stretch out before my longer runs.

Focus again: “strengthen the core,” especially on the punching series when the punches start going faster than I can do them.

Another good workout, the standard-issue post workout flop sweats, and I emptied the first of two just of whey protein. Word on the Facebook street is that fitness companies are shipping products; perhaps it’s time to head to for some of their workout gear and supplements.

Tomorrow will be the 11.5 roundtrip run to the SAIC Building, so I will take the “rest” option for tomorrow. Weatherbug says it will be another cool Sunday morning, so it will be a bundled-up run. Just in case I will take a small 8-oz. bottle of water with Mio and/or pickle juice in case I get cotton-mouthed. Not sure if dehydration will be that much of an issue with UCan Hydrate and below 50 degree temps…

The breakdown has begun…how much will it impact my running, and how long will the breakdown really last? Time will tell…

See you next time, Tony…at noon Monday.


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