Dear Tony/P90X Day 11

Stream of consciousness blog because I just got done with YogaX at 5 before 8p.m…

Shoulders and Arms/Ab Ripper X plus four mile run with no stretching yesterday.

Woke up at 0430 sore as hell. Out of the rack at 0435, then 20 minutes in the throne room.

Too sore and no “pump” as Arnold Schwarzenegger like to call it.

I felt like I was finally in the “breaking down” phase of P90X, where your body is sore from extending and expending your muscles and limbs. At 0455 I had to wave of YogaX until after work.

Planned to go promptly at 5:00. Got a late work project at 4:05. Got it wrapped up at 5:35. One last email, submit my log sheet, and then had to cool down from the day.

Put the YogaX DVD at 6:15 p.m.

I need to get a better yoga mat, my feet can’t really grip the mat that I have right now.

Next time I do YogaX I am going to take a logbook and start taking notes on what I am doing. Did a little better than last week, but I still need to track what I can fix. I can’t do every pose (crane, plough to standing shoulder) but I can look at how do do them better, or find alternatives for the ones I REALLY REALLY struggle with right now.

I shouldn’t be saying “can’t.”

Better job focusing on the moment today. Somewhat of a challenge trying to do yoga after working on a last-minute project near the end of the day, but I get paid to do a job, and I got it done, and now I can perform my YogaX.

Need a little bit less light in the apartment. Smartphone goes off as well.

Salami and cheese for dinner tonight, and and early bedtime. Kenpo X in the morning and iStore 4 later in the day.

See you next time, Tony…hopefully at 0500-ish.

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