Marathon Training in the Pandemic

P90X, Day 10:

Dear Tony,

Well today, I was only 15 minutes late for my Shoulders and Arms/Ab Ripper X session. The progress is slowly getting better.

Today I learned when to curl my fitness bands when the routine calls for it. Curling up the bands, which is shortening the length of the band by twisting a loop in the band and then stepping on it as needed, added some needed resistance and gave me a better chance to work on my form.

The big notable for me here today was the Side Trip Rise at the end of the “bonus section” of the S&A workout. I found that I could actually hold my body close to the position that you show onscreen, and still do reps. I just have to not worry about chasing you and your friends down and take my time to get into the position.

ARX is getting a little better as well. I am learning how to modify my body so I can still get the intended work on my abs and still do a decent number of reps. I’m not cheating, and I’m still nowhere near a full 25 reps per exercise, but I’m starting to improve my form.

I thought a little about tomorrow’s Yoga X during my late afternoon run. I know that we’re not really focused on the Hindu spirituality that forms the basis of yoga. That being said, I do need to focus solely on doing each pose as best as I can. My mind kind of wandered in the last 20 minutes of last week’s Yoga X, and I need to pay better attention to what I am doing.


Raineri Run 4:

In the morning: another P90X workout complete, then a protein shake. Shower, then breakfast.

Another productive day working at home. Telephone conferences and lots of research and analysis, with a lunch of Li’l Smokies and steamed vegetables and laundry on the side.

4:45 p.m.: Turn in my work log, submit my timesheet, and get ready to run. No, I don’t stretch.

The run today was the Raineri Run four miler. Up to Shangri-La and Great Mills, then back up Willow Road up to the Raineri Run neighborhood. Pass the fireplug and turn around towards Abberly Crest. The actual 4-mile mark was at the “finish gate” formed by the Green Meadow Lane street sign and a STOP sign; however, I decide to do the three fire plug finish, which is  the final tenth of a mile upwards marked by the three fire hydrants by the sidewalk. I finished the run at 48:35, with an 11:38 pace over 4.17 mi. The second half of the run had more elevation but my Mile 3 and 4 splits were way better than my opening two miles.

One note: the State of Maryland is on a Shelter-In-Place order, and yet the 5:00 traffic on Willow Road is only slightly lighter than it should be. Oh, and now the state has ordered people going shopping or other public functions to wear face masks or face coverings of some sort.

Now this blog is done. A nice dinner, and then bedtime.

Yoga X in the morning…see you next time, Tony.


Song of the Day: Steely Dan/”Peg:” From Genius:

“This song is about an aspiring actress, with the director/photographer promising her a big break. Whether he’s leading her on or not is unknown, and given where the band got its name , you can’t help but wonder what kind of actress Peg is.”

I used to hear Steely Dan on the radio when I was a kid, and I liked them long before I heard this song and another one at high school freshman orientation.


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