Dear Tony:P90X Day 9

Dear Tony,

Last night I went to bed at 12:30, two hours later than I should have. Got up at 0430, then stayed in bed an extra ten minutes. Hit play at 0500, and just as I was going into warm-ups, my left knee started feeling sore, than I had to go take a No. 2.

And so…after a protein bar, then poached eggs and bacon, and two cups of coffee…and five hours later, I hit play for Cardio X.

My form was a little better on the exercises today. I’m improving on working the form of the exercise and not just chasing you and your crew onscreen. I didn’t get everything right, but I got right what I could. I also made adjustments as to how I’m facing the screen, shifting to a more open position in front of the TV so I have more room to do stuff like the Dreya rolls.

The only thing I am really doing wrong? My heart rate. Working with a watch with a really small (not necessarily tiny) pulse sensor is taking some work to get my finger on it long enough to get a reading.

I felt good about today; tomorrow will be even better. Shoulders & Arms, and then Ab Ripper X in the morning, then four miles in the late afternoon.

See you next time, Tony…at 0500!

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