HH2020: Sonrise

Up at 0415, via the smartphone alarm. Find out my alarm clock on my nightstand is 2 min. slow.

Two trips to the throne room between my protein shake. Dressed, lubed, and stretched by 0455. One packet of Ucan, grab my Flipbelt. and stuff and out the door.

There’s full moon out this morning, but it’s obscured by clouds. I’m thankful for my long sleeve baselayer and long sleeve tech shirt underneath, but I wish I had one of the two pairs of gloves that I have lost this past winter. Another 430, lost to the winds…

I had a thought about running the Marine Corps Marathon as a virtual run this year: no cheering crowds, no bands or music, no flags or Blue Mile. Just God, me, and the female voice on my MapMyRun app, sounding off the mile markers and the pace.

Sign pointing to MD-489: “Oh, I turn here…

Just past the four mile mark: I’m startled by a couple of cows in a pasture at the intersection of MD-489 and MD-234/Three Notch Road.

Passing Zion United methodist Church: “Hey, this is the turnaround point for one of my runs. Three miles to go baby!”

It was mostly cloudy this morning so I didn’t really notice the sun was fully up until I rounded the intersection of Three Notch and Great Mills Road.

Nine-mile mark: “Uh-oh…looks like I’m going to run some extra to make it to 10 miles.” Honestly, that’s been a recurring theme lately. I’m only running an extra tenth to a quarter of a mile. What’s an extra five minutes?

I ended at 2:02:54, running 10.05 at a 12:13 clip. I pushed the uphills on Three notch Road, but my split times dropped as I transitioned from Three Notch to Great Mills. My left leg felt a little sore but nowhere near enough to stop me.

So, after the first week of P90X, my running performance hasn’t degraded. However, I only lost one pound from last week. Then again, with the “keto” diet I am on, I wonder if I have that much fat to lose…

I’m kind of bummed that I won’t be going to Fredricksburg, Va. for the Historic Half Marathon this year, which is why I stopped with the daily countdown. I am still pushing for the virtual half, though.

Another good week in the books. Progress.

In honor of the Resurrection of the Christ, no Song of the day today.

He is Risen. Happy Easter.


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