Dear Tony/P90X Week 1 In Review

Dear Tony,

I didn’t do Stretch X today, but I didn’t rest either; I went on a ten mile run.

While P90X does offer Stretch X as an option, aside from a rest day, I have considered running Stretch X before or after a run. Stretch X is just short of an hour, so I’m not so sure about using it just before a run; if Stretch X is as intense as the other eleven workouts, I may be “too pooped to pop” for a ten-mile or longer run. Perhaps immediately after Kenpo X, or maybe a few hours after a run as a “cool-down” routine? Those are options, but then again, this is extreme home fitness and there’s only so much a body can do.

Thanks to P90X I am back to exercising six days a week: P90X six days a week, plus runs on Wednesday and Friday, plus a long run on Sunday. On W/F, I do P90X in the morning and run after my workday is done; I try to start the run no earlier than twelve hours of doing the P90X workout of the day.

Lessons learned from the first week:

  1. FORM FIRST, REPS LATER. ¬†Rather than try and chase you and your team for reps my goal should be to do each routine as close to”just right” as I can. Burning fat and building muscle is possible only if I work my body the right way.
  2. Coordination: This was especially relevant on yesterday’s Kenpo X routine. For example, the “jab/cross/hook/uppercut” routine. With each punch, I need to turn my hips in the direction of the punch. Engage the hips, engage the torso and drive the legs. If I’m just throwing punches at will, I’m not working anything.
  3. Learn to work the HRM. I bought a $20 heart rate monitor from Wal-Mart. It doesn’t come with a synchronized monitor band, but the watch does have a small sensor where you plan a fingertip and the watch measures your heart rate. This is tough to do under stress, but I have to learn how to do it. Doing the HRM kind of cuts into my breaks as well, so I have to balance that out.

After the first week of P90X and running three days a week, I am guesstimating that I am running a 12:07 pace. I realize that I am in the “breakdown” stage of P90X, so as long as I am not pulling any muscles or experiencing more post-run soreness than usual, I will be fine. That being said, it is important that I listen to my body while I’m training.

Did I say I was on a keto diet? I am, but I have been cheating (Fruit-Rollups and raisins). So, I need to try not to overdo or cut out the between meal snacks…as usual.

Today is cheat day, but tomorrow I’m back on the keto-wagon. I’m going to sleep in tomorrow, and save Core Synergistics ’til noon-ish.

My goal is to graduate P90X lean, but as long as every gym in Maryland is closed, I will ride the P90X train for as long as my body can take it.

See you next time, Tony…Happy Easter!


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