HH2020: Kitefly


Okay, back to today’s run. I made a few trips back and forth to the dumpster to take my plastic and cardboard out for recycling. The thermometer said 55 degrees, but because of the wind it felt 10 degrees colder. I set out my running gear last night, but with each subsequent trip out the door, the short sleeves became long sleeves and the running tights replaced the running shorts.

Today I ran the iStore 4 course. Made it just over the four miles at 48:59 at a 12:30 clip. I want to blame it on the wind, but I think I took it a little easy today. I wasn’t sore from the morning P90X routine (see previous entry), and I wore a CopperFit knee sleeve because i felt a li’l something in my right patella. Still not bad considering the wind and the ups and downs of the course: the climb back up Willows Road, and then going back up and down the hump around the Abberly Crest entrance road.

The P90X and the running are the best things I have going right now.  Not seeing co-workers is not an insignificant thing; hell, not being able to see other working women in the building where I work is something. No meals in restaurants, no interaction face-to-fcae; man, that is something.

I turn on the TV for three things: P90X, vidoegames, and random shows on the shopping channels or cooking shows. Ironic that I have a chance to watch sports talk shows like Golic and Wingo, First Take, and The Herd with Colin Cowherd…and now they have almost nothing to say.

I like to think I’m eating better. I spent the last two days eating homemade broccoli and chicken soup because I wanted a change from Hormel’s Chilli and Hormel’s tamales from a can. I might make some of my own chili tomorrow for lunch.

I am able to shop for groceries with a 20 minute ride to Weis Supermarket. Nobody is delivering groceries anymore…but I turned on Uber and Uber eats for a few minutes today. Apparently there’re drivers, and they’re delivering food. Uber Eats is trying to be reasonable and cutting their delivery fees. Pretty tempting to pay for a Big Mav Value Meal to be delivered to your door without paying $20 for the privilege.

Speaking of meals, it’s almost 7:30 and I need to get dinner. No Song of the Day today…sorry!

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