Dear Tony: P90X/Legs and Back + Ab Ripper X

Dear Tony,

The alarm went off at 0430. I got out of bed at 0445.

A recurring theme I have had for PT in the last year-plus.

Anyway, after a protein bar and another 20 minutes in the throne room (distracted by all my reading material), I finally hit play on the Legs and Back DVD at just past 0530.

I used to do pull-ups in my Marine Corps days; however, with no more Physical Fitness Tests to pass, pull-ups and I parted ways when I retired ten years ago.

So, when I did the pull up routines in todays Legs and Back disc, I had to use a chair and pull myself up to the bar, trying to focus more on using my back and arms than my legs. Yes, one more thing I have a lot of work to do for.

The legs routines were a little better. I do have to pay attention to routines where I can use the resistance bands. I also need to focus on when we are switching legs.

I do have your P90X workout sheets, so maybe I need to add a logbook where I can actually write down what I’m doing between each set. I’m writing down numbers (most of the time when I’m not lost), but I need to better track the reasons.

Ab Ripper X was a little better today. I think I figured out how to do some of the moves and still get the burn, even though I’m not doing it exactly like you, Dreya, Pam the Blam, and the rest of your onscreen team.

Tomorrow is Kenpo X. Almost through the first week. Alright!

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