Dear Tony: P90X/Yoga X

Dear Tony,

I am barely a casual practitioner of yoga, so I have not done it on a consistent basis to reap its true benefits. In all my years of being a member of Gold’s Gym and World Gym, I would take yoga classes when they were available and if my schedule permitted. When I did take them, I was always 1) sweating like a pig afterwards and 2) pretty sure that yoga…taken sole as a fitness routine…is work.

…and then there’s Yoga X. Sweating like a pig. Yoga X is WORK.

I am typing this just twelve hours after finishing today’s Yoga X class, and currently finishing my second bowl of broccoli and chicken soup. I had as much flow as a bunch of broken gears trying and failing to mesh, but I did do most of the exercises. I think the next-to-last of the moving exercises ( from the runner’s pose) I had to sit out because I couldn’t maintain the balance or because I just couldn’t get my limbs into the required position.

The crane? No…just, no.

My biggest mistake was losing focus on the routine during the Yoga Belly 7 exercises. As much as I could stand to get a better core, my mind drifted onto other things. Maybe it’s because we were nearing the end of the workout? Maybe because I couldn’t quite hold or get into position sometimes?

However, I did do a better job of getting my dinner and water on the night before. I didn’t help me do the poses better, or stop me from sweating bullets at the cyclic rate, but at least I paused because I couldn’t hold the pose, not because of fatigue.

About my dinner: It was supposed to be a chicken vegetable soup. However, I put in a whole pound bag of broccoli. I was supposed to add a bag of cauliflower, but I feared they had spoiled> I chucked in a Steamables bag of mixed veggies instead.

The four chicken thighs that I added should have been twice that number; however, I just finished my sixth bowl in the last 36 hours and there’s still chicken pieces left. Next time I make this soup, I’m going to add just a quarter pound each of broccoli and cauliflower. Maybe throw in some green beans with the okra I sued in the soup?

So…I got my yoga (WORK!!!). I got my dinner. Now for some more water.

Legs and back, with Ab Ripper X at 0500. See you in the morning, Tony.

Oh…and four miles (iStore 4) for tomorrow’s run.


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