HH2020: Dual

So, today was my first run during my P90X “reboot.”

The early days/weeks of any exercise regimen like P90X are designed to break your body down, then build you up as the weeks pass. I finished day 3 (Shoulders &Arms/Ab Ripper X) at 0615 this morning. With the weather being much nicer in the late afternoon than in the morning, I decided to schedule the run for later in the day.

Technically, the State of Maryland is supposed to be on a shelter in place order; however, the traffic on Willow Road was a little heavier than I expected. That’s why I could barely hear my first mile split; it was eleven something eight, I guess.

So far, the P90X routines are a half-hour longer and much more intense than my circuit course routine. I take a glass of whey protein after every workout, but they’re is still some lingering soreness. Oh, and I did 15 minutes of Ab Ripper X after the shoulders and arms workout.

Long story short, I finished the run up Shangri-La Drive and back at 37:23, with an 11:54 pace. I got negative splits on the last two miles-11:53, 11:49, 11:30. I stretched out pretty good, so I had no soreness in my legs or my feet.

Today, I passed the first test. If the run times get worse or if I get too sore to run in the afternoons, I may shift the P90X schedule where I run one day and do P90X the next.

OH, and right now my Wednesday and Friday runs right now are where I do more body work (Shoulders and Arms/Legs and Back) plus the Ab Ripper X sessions right afterward.

This is gonna be fun!

Song of the Day: Kittie/”Charlotte:” From Genius:

“Charlotte” is the second track, and second single, off of Kittie’s debut album, Spit.

“The song is inspired by the 1992 book Rites of Burialwhich follows the crimes of American serial killer Robert Berdella (AKA the Kansas City Butcher) and is written by Tom Jackman and Troy Cole. Morgan Lander had read the book and found the situations described in the book as sad and disturbing.

“The single charted in the United Kingdom, peaking at #60 on the United Kingdom Singles Charts on July 22nd, 2000.

Such happy girls, them Lander sisters…


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