Dear Tony: P90X Shoulders & Arms/Ab Ripper X

Dear Tony,

First off, I have got to start eating better and drinking more water the night before if I am going to be doing this six days a week.

I am going through a “keto” diet right now. I have the “quotes” because I have stripped to the basics: meat, cheese, green and white vegetables, and berries in small quantities. I drink bulletproof coffee (mixed with heavy whipping cream, a spoonful of butter, and one packet of Truvia sweetener), and water mixed with Mio energy water additive. Snack time is limited to pistachios and olives, and some meat and cheese party plates.

My problem is that I have been eating less and less as the day turns to night. I need to go back to eating those six small meals a day. I also need to drink more water. I’m amazed that I only grabbed a few sips of water during the ballistic stretching breaks.

For today’s Shoulders and Arms, I finally broke out my two exercise bands. I have a thin blue one and a heavier tan band. Once again: form first, reps later. The numbers I got on my sheet were okay, but I need to get better at getting the form down. better for me to do 10 reps right than do 25 messed up reps.

Ab Ripper X? Needs more work. Seriously, that is the most abs work I have done in over a decade.

Right now I’m eating a homemade chicken and broccoli soup that’s way more broccoli than chicken. Next time I’ll buy more than four chicken thighs for my soup. One more bowl for dinner, and then some salami and muenster cheese before bed. Hope that gets me through tomorrow’s Yoga X session.

See ya’ in the morning!


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