HH2020: Return

First run back

0445: Getting dressed this morning, I hear an argument outside my window. I decide to stay out of it unless it gets really violent.

0500: On the road for my first run in a week, a five miler out to NAS Patuxent River and back.

0505-ish. A police cruiser briefly stops by me as I run. A minute later, it pulls up behind me. The officers question me about WTF in the apartment complex; I answer truthfully “Wasn’t me.” After the police confirm I’m not on America’s Most Wanted for anything, the let me go on my way and head back to Abberly Crest.

A little shaken up and having lost my rhythm, I decide to cut my 5 mile run down to just three. On the homestretch coming up Willow Road, I am passed by a truck with two loudly barking dogs riding in the window seats. The truck pulls into a side road, makes a u-turn, and passes me on the other side of the road…and the dogs are still barking.

Yeah, three miles was enough for me today.

Virtual MCM

If I had to run a virtual Marine Corps Marathon in October (running 26.2 miles elsewhere as opposed to the annual run in DC/VA), could I do it?

Why yes! The Little Flower Long 18 for the first part, and then the Glen Mary Farm Lane 4. Combining those two would put me at 26.35, meaning I would probably make the full marathon distance just before the last hill going up to the main Abberly Crest entrance road.

I could also keep going on Three Notch Rd./MD 235 (instead of turning onto Great Mills Rd. for the run down Willows Road) until I got to Route 489 and take that to MD-5 and back up Willows Road to finish. I will have to measure that out.

Welcome Back, Tony

Rather than do a separate blog, I will be adding another subheader/category to this one. It’s called, “Dear Tony,” which is basically a progress report/journal/diary to the founder of P90X, Tony Horton.

I am planning to work the P90X Lean schedule. I am doing this in place of my circuit course workouts, which I cannot do because every gym in Maryland is closed…to include the three fitness facilities here at Abberly Crest Apartments. My intent is to get down to my marathon running weight of 200 lbs. and build enough muscle and flexibility in my legs. My goal is to do all 90 days, consecutively, of the P90X Lean program.

The P90X Fit Test I will do first thing in the morning; and the first official workout at noon (work schedule permitting). P90X goes six days a week at 0500, and my Wednesday and Friday runs will be in the afternoons after work, no later than 6:00 p.m. If the weather is way too hot or there is a threat of afternoon rain, I will switch the runs to 0500. Long runs on Sunday, which will be my P90X rest day…or maybe I’ll do some StretchX before the run?

Song of the Day: Hair OST/”The Flesh Failures/Let the Sun Shine In” I loved watching the Milos Formal film adaptation of the original Broadway musical. This is not the time or place to do a history lesson, and I have never seen the actual musical in its entirety, but the final scene of the movie is still with me, forty years after first seeing it on HBO.


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