HH 2020: Corona Blues

Sooo…I got the official email from the Marine Corps Marathon Organization this morning: The Historic Half Marathon Weekend in Fredricksburg, Va, is officially cancelled. Registered runners have until May 7th to decide to defer to 2021 or run a virtual 13.1 miles anytime between now and May 17th (what would have been the official race day). “Virtual” means run the half marathon distance on a recordable app and device and upload the results to a website;  a successful virtual run means you get credit for running the Historic Half, and the accompanying medal and official race shirt will be mailed out to the runner.

Last week, while scrounging for gear to use for my P90X training, I found the very first mock turtleneck from the 2014 MCM, the first oe I ever ran. It is a milk chocolate brown.

Glass half full: “Oh, what a nice milk chocolate brown mock turtleneck!”

Glass half empty: The picking codenames scene from Reservoir Dogs.(NSFW…you’ve been warned!)

My status is sheltered, not confined; alone, but not that lonely; realistic about now, but hopeful for the future.

First, I did read Governor Hogan’s shelter in place order. People are allowed outdoor activities, to include running. So I can continue to run on my own, but not with other people unless our group utilizes the 6 feet social distancing rule.

Not that I was organizing any Marine-style running formations anytime soon…(also NSFW!)

To celebrate my finding this rule in Governor Hogan’s order, I went out for a five mile run at 0500 this morning. My goal was a nice run to NAS Patuxent River Gate1 and back. Unfortunately, my left knee/patella wasn’t feeling it this morning, so I only made it out to the iStore facility and back.

For P90X I managed to cumshaw together everything but the dumbbells. Unless something appears between now and Monday, I will have to improvise. I will also have to make some adjustments for the nutritional aids that are a part of the P90X program, since NOBODY IS DELIVERING A DAMN THING right now.

Yes, that’s right: home delivery of groceries, which I was kind of depending on for this shelter-in-place extended event, is not happening anywhere. I signed up for Shipt.com, and it offered delivered from Target, CVS, and Weis Supermarkets. The last two stores are  a 5~7 minute drive from my apartment complex.

I have been on Shipt for three days, and they haven’t scheduled delivery times for anything. Next Delivery: check back soon. That’s all I’ve seen the last three days.

The S-I-P order also permits for limited shopping trips, so I can bicycle to CVS and Weis, provided that I get no more than bicycle cart and backpack can reasonably and safely carry.

Oh, and when I do go out, I am wearing my balaclava and gloves and observing the 6 foot rule. And I have to do a complete Lysol-wipe decontaminate procedure of all my bounty, as well as an immediate shower and laundry of the clothes I wore to the store.

The “keto” diet has had a bump in the road or two, but I am obeying the basic protocols: meats, cheeses, light on the berries, green and white veggies.

Okay, not so much on the veggies.

Tomorrow and/or Sunday I will attempt to make homemade chili and chicken soup, fortified with keto-friendly vegetables so I can start working them into my eating habits. Because I shut down PT for this week, and only doing a Sunday run, that scale might not look so good Sunday morning.

On the night of my 50th birthday, I attempted the firmware update and Game mod for my Atari Flashback 9. The firmware mod took; when I tried to load the game mods I got the dreaded spaces as well as the dreaded “.bin” attached to all my files. So I will try to format a fresh 16MB SD card and try again, this time off my old Acer laptop.

And so, there you have it: the life of a marathoner during the COVID-19 Global Slowdown of 2020. Somewhat impeded, but not completely incapacitated.

Life goes on…and so do I.

Song of the Day: In theory I am supposed to post videos of songs for runner’s iPods (or other listening devices). However, these two songs are “pick me ups” for the current situation:

Steve Winwood/”Roll With It:” Steve Winwood started out as a precocious teenager, playing organs and keyboards for the Spencer Davis Group (“Gimme Some Lovin'”), them moved on to form the supergroup Traffic (“Dear Mr. Fantasy”) and the Blind faith (“Can’t Find My Way Home”). His music career got a great “second wind” during the early golden days of MTV.

Genius, you cheap bastards:

“Roll with It” is a song by Steve Winwood, released as the lead single from album his album of the same name. The song marked his first second number one single on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, his first being “Higher Love”.

“Lyrically, the song is about dealing with the obstacles life might give you and overcoming them to the best of your ability. The song was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 1989, “Record of the Year” and “Best Male Pop Vocal” performance.”

Neil Diamond/”Sweet Caroline:”

“Sweet Caroline” was inspired by a photograph of the then-11-year-old Caroline Kennedy. The lyrics were written years later about Diamond’s then-wife Marsha.

“In 1969, the song peaked at #4 in the US and #3 in Canada. Two years later, it reached the top 40 in three European countries including a #8 peak in the UK.

“Playing “Sweet Caroline” in the middle of the eighth inning at Boston Red Sox home games has become a tradition, especially the chorus to which many in attendance sing along. It began when the Fenway Park music director at the time Amy Toobey began playing the song over the loudspeakers in 1998. The tradition was continued by her replacement Megan Kaiser. From NPR:

I spoke to a woman named Amy Toobey, who had been the music director before Megan Kaiser. It was Amy who started playing “Sweet Caroline.” The reason: She just liked the song. That’s it.

“Neil Diamond always dreamed of performing the song for Caroline, which he did on her 50th birthday!

Thank you, Genius. And no, I’m not posting that damned lame-ass PSA that Neil did.


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