HH20: Lockdown

First off, I blew off my scheduled 0500 first workout on P90X in about eleven years. This week’s lame excuse: “Man, I really haven’t had a day off (even though I haven’t been to the gym in over a week and a half); let me sleep in and get right to it after I finish work.

Then the hammer came down: At 1050 this morning, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan put the state on a Stay At Home order. Long story short: unless you’re going out for food, medicine, or serious medical attention, you stay indoors until further notice.

How long will this last? I don’t know.

How will this impact my running? See above. I need to feel how the wind blows on that question. I want to keep running, but I don’t want a court date or a fine because some Maryland state trooper caught re finishing up an iStore 4 loop just a quarter-mile from my apartment.

I also need to rethink my P90X and even I I’m going to be able to complete even a virtual Historic Half. Most likely I’ll end up doing P90X just to stay in shape, but how long of a layoff will I be able to sit through before I can run 13.1 miles without keeling over?

Much to think about this week, so I am taking a week off from training. At the very least, I will start again with P90X next Monday.

Song of the Day:

Ringo Starr/”It Don’t Come Easy:” Hit it, Genius

“A much-recorded, much-remixed song that Ringo conceived, but was actualized by a lot of (co-writing) and guitar help by fellow Beatle George Harrison.

“It is said that Eric Clapton also joined the recording sessions and contributed. The song was recorded and mixed more than 2 dozen times, it is said.

“Session man/studio musician Klaus Voorman played bass.
Stephen Stills played the piano in early sessions (and later was replaced by Gary Wright (who performed “Dream Weaver”) , and super-producer George Martin arranged, produced and mixed the song. The backing vocals were provided by Pete Ham and Tom Evans of the band, Badfinger.

“The song was not released as a single for more than a year, and wasn’t widely heard until after Starr played it at the charity “Concert for Bangladesh” (on stage live with Harrison and Clapton) in 1971.


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