HH20: KCA 10

Wake-up routine for Sunday morning, with a twist or two:

Protein shake instead of Chobani. Skin-So-Soft and Chafe Defender. Yellow base layer over white tech shirt, with CD on the nipples just in case (the shirts have dissimilar material). Finish dressing and stretch. Drop a packet of UCAN Hydrate in the bottom of a 16-oz. tumbler and fill with water; mix thoroughly and chug it down. Out the door at 0455. At 0500, hit the MapMyRun app and off to the races.

I was so excited, or my FlipBelt security was not so good, that I dropped my Samsung smartphone just after the first mile marker. It’s not a Galaxy and it doesn’t have a protective case, so it’s a miracle if it drops and doesn’t even show a crack. Back in the belt and back on the run.

It was just God, me and and my smartphone this morning, very few cars on the road at this hour. I was feeling very good about the times as MapMyRun’s female voice read them off. I also noticed that the road going on MD-5 south had a few more climbs than i remembered, or really noticed. I climbed the hills without missing a beat, and charged down the downhills with everything I had.

I originally planned to do the turnaround after crossing the parking lot at Little Flower Grade School and Holy face Catholic Church. However, as I hit the top of the hill before reaching Little Flower, MMR announced that I had crossed the 4 mile marker. Little Face and back was not going to be ten miles.

After exiting the parking lot, I headed toward Callaway Township in search of a five mile turnaround point. I saw the brightly lit sign for the King’s Christian Academy and decided to turn onto the service road there. MMR announced the five mile mark just as I passed the 5MPH sign leading into the Academy’s main drive. I looped in front of the Academy’s building, headed back down the service road, and back towards the downward slope of MD-5 going north.

As I passed in front to Holy Face for the second time, I was startled by the sounding of the church bells. Although the clock had just turned six, the bell sounded a lot more than six times.

I headed uphill, then back downhill on MD-5 north; I may not have liked the splits I was hearing at miles 7 and 8 (12:25 and 11:51), but I was still feeling really good. Best of all, I wasn’t cotton-mouthed nor was my stomach growling. This is significant because in the past I carried a 16-oz. bottle of water filled with Mio Energy additive; every four miles I would take chug of water to wash down a packet of Gu. All I had in my system was the protein shake and the Ucan water; I had no Gu or spare water in my FlipBelt this morning.

On the final stretch home, I had considered doing the traditional climb up to the Abberly Crest Apartments entrance road. However, ten miles was ten miles and I had done enough peaks and valleys for one Sunday morning. I crossed the “finish gate” formed by the street sign and another pole at Green Meadow lane, took a quick look at the last uphill, and then called it “good.”

Just savin’ it for next week.

Pass in Review

My “keto” diet is finally kicking in, and I actually lost three more pounds this week. This is a god thing despite having my physical training schedule cut in half over the last ten days. Gyms all over Maryland were closed, so I have not been able to do my circuit cycle course.

I do want to keep my muscles and ligaments in running form, so i am going to try to resurrect the P90X exercise program…from over ten years ago. I still have the DVD set. I may have most of the required exercise equipment. Do I have a DVD player? I have twenty-one hours to find out…

Song of the Day

Billy Joel/”You May Be Right:” I was introduced to this when they played the chorus as the closing bumper music from the “Son of Svengoolie” monster movie show (WSNS, mid 70s to mid 80s). Might be a good song to show the runner’s mentality. Might be a good song to show my kinda-sort mentality.

“Following the heavier side of Billy Joel’s pop heading into the 1980s, the song tells the tale of a character who is unaware of how crazy he is, but uses that as a pick up line for a woman who is, apparently, much more reserved.” C’mon, Genius.





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