HH2020: Virtual


Once again, the highlight of my day came before the sun was fully up.

This morning, I ran a four mile loop going south on Willows Road towards the HWY-5 intersection, then back up Willows to about a quarter-mile past the iStore storage facility, then back down Willows finishing at the entrance to Abberly Crest Apartments.

The thermometer said 55, but the wind blowing said otherwise, so I wore a long-sleeve tech shirt over a compression shirt this morning. I still wore shorts, though.

I just barely stretched this morning, and I got a sore left thigh for my efforts. Other than that, I finished with an 11:51 pace. Since last Wednesday, I have been running at about an 11:45 pace, on mostly hilly run routes. Right now, I am not really feeling any ill effects from not having done any circuit course workouts since the Abberly Crest office closed the workout facilities.


I got the email I was sort of expecting, from the Marine Corps Marathon Organization this morning. While they are not officially cancelling the Historic Half-Marathon, it will not be run in Fredericksburg, VA, this year.

There are two options open for the HH entrants: defer until 2021, or run a virtual half-marathon. For the purposes of the Historic Half, a virtual run is where runners run a half-marathon distance run (at least 13.1 miles), record their time during the run, and send the results to the MCMO. Once they verify your run, they will send you the official participant’s shirt and the actual medal from the run.

As long as the “virtual” Historic Half counts towards this year’s Semper Fi Double, I will go ahead and run the virtual HH. IN fact, I already have a course picked out: the run from Abberly Crest to Historic St. Mary’s City and back. Running from here to St. Mary’s, with the turnaround point being the end of the first quarter mile of the annual Thanksgiving 5K is just over the 13.1 distance. It won’t be the same as the two mile climb up Hospital Hill ( maybe next year?), but the return leg has enough uphill climbs to make it a worthy run.


My Playstation2 Slim’s laser lens reader died while being in “storage” for over ten years. Aside from my hopes of firing up any PS2 games anytime soon, it means as of now I don’t have a DVD player. This means I have no way to fire up my P90X workout DVDs to replace my circuit cycle routine.

I am writing this on Friday night. I have until Monday morning to either dig through my boxes and find another DVD player, or somehow get to Wal-Mart and buy a cheap DVD player.

Song of the Day: Supermode/”Tell Me Why:” The basic hook for this dance tune was built around the chorus (and some of the lyrics, in this David Guetta remix) from an 80s hit called “Smalltown Boy,” by Bronski Beat. I once recorded four different versions of this song to begin a mix CD. From Genius:

” “Tell Me Why” is the debut single produced by DJs Axwell and Steve Angello under the alias Supermode, released in 2006. It is the only song released under that alias, as Axwell and Angello continued to find success years later with Sebastian Ingrosso, as the trio Swedish House Mafia. It would later go on to be featured in their debut album Until One. Vocals in the song are done by Hal Ritson.

” “Tell Me Why” samples two songs by Bronski Beat. The melody is taken from “Smalltown Boy” and the lyrics from “Why?”.


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