HH20: T-Minus 55/Drill Hall 8

It was 45 degrees out as I stepped off this morning; eight degrees warmer than the run in DC two weeks ago, but somehow just as cold. That could have been to the stiff winds which were going at 5~7 mph in the 0500 darkness.

I got up at 0410, twenty minutes before the 0430 alarm. I was a bit hungry, although I had a ribeye steak the night before. I was going to get a tub of yogurt, but then i spent the next twenty minutes on the throne, getting rid of the ribeye. I lubed up (anti-chafe and Skin-So-Soft) got dressed and stretched. No yogurt, but I did get a glass of water mixed with a packet of UCan Hydrate.

As I headed out to the Abberly Crest entrance for the run, Briefly considered changing into warmer gear, at least a long sleeve base layer over a long-john undershirt. But I was out already and I just said, “Nevermind.” Just after 0500 I turned on MapMyRun on the smartphone and away I went.

No moon out this morning, but my course was fairly lit with streetlamps and stoplights. I ran a round-trip course from Abberly Crest to the Pax River Drill Hall (base gymnasium). In keeping with my workout regimen of getting in as many climbs as possible, the major upward slopes came on the return leg of the run. After rounding the turnaround point at the Drill Hall, I climbed back up Cedar Point Road and ran up Buse Road all the way back out the GAs Patuxent River main gate. Those two miles were not that steep of a climb, and I managed a 12:42 pace for that part of the course. There was a smaller incline going back up Three Notch Road/MD-235 going back towards Great Mills; but that time the sun’s first light was just peeking out.

In retrospect, I should have bundled up this morning; I was cold as hell and my arms started getting the ’bout-to-get-frostbitten nervous spikes. I needed forty-five minutes in my Marine Corps OD green sweats before I was warm enough to function.

I felt good about the run and my steady pace throughout, but there is a lingering concern about my right foot. My right ankle was giving me a little trouble over the first 2~3 miles, and there is some minor soreness around the pinky-toe/edge of my foot area. Probably time to switch shoes?

The Ucan worked out well, again. Even though I didn’t hydrate as well as I should have the night before, I was fine through the 8 miles and change. I am also probably getting the early burst of “rocket fuel” that I would get from the Nuun tablets, considering the 12;07 pace I posted today. The Ucan is also not stirring up my bowels as much, or at least holding them steady until after the run. That’s good, since I’m not sure if I can count on handy Port-a-Johns or public restrooms right now.

Like the Ucans, the Chaff Defender made by 2-Toms, is another Runners’ Expo purchase that is working out alright. The roller applicant put a good supply of the stuff to my “nether regions’, and I’m not feeling any soreness four hours after the run.

Also, I lost two pounds from last week. Yay, me.

I got a lot of burn on the bike Thursday and Friday, but with the gym shutdown on Thursday, I haven’t been to the gym and missed my last two circuit cycles from last week. I found my old P90X DVD set, covered in dust on the bottom of my entertainment console. This may be my best bet at going my gym/cross training workouts for the near future. Unfortunately, I don’t have a working DVD player handy, courtesy of the 17-year lifespan of Playstation 2 CD/DVD laser lenses. So I will have to buy a new DVD player and do some research on P90X. I plan to start a week from Monday.

The keto diet had more downs than ups this week. I don’t think I really kept at it until Friday and Saturday. Now that I am working from home, i will probably do a little bit better. I stocked up more on breakfast and basic lunch and dinner meals, and I have cut back on the junk food.

For right now, the Historic Half is still going on. Hopefully things will get better in the next 30 days.

Song of the Day: Kenny Rogers/”The Gambler:” I remember having the privilege of meeting Kenny at a Christmas program where he performed at in Rockford, IL. One of the few bright spots of my Marine Recruiting tour. I also loved his movie “Six Pack,” and this song “Love Will Turn You Around.”

The Gambler broke even at 10:25 p.m. Friday night. RIP Kenny Rogers.


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