HH20: T-Minus 56/Spring

Was yesterday the first day of Spring, or is it today?

Never mind…

Okay very quick updates:

  1. I am still happy and healthy, but I am now working from home for the near future.
  2. Every gym and workout facility in the State of Maryland was closed, bu order of Governor Hogan. That includes the workout facilities here at Abberly Crest Apartments.
  3. Thursday morning: “Okay, I’ll PT after work. Since I’m riding the bike home, I can skip the intervals and head straight to the Apex gym.”
  4. Thursday afternoon, after an intense bike ride home: “All amenities are closed until further notice.” 
  5. Me: “Well, s#!t.
  6. Rode roundrtip 4 miles yesterday, so no run. Running 8 miles (AC to Drill Hall Gym on base; remember your CAC card!) Sunday. 5 mile birthday run on Wednesday.
  7. Found my 10 year old PX-90 DVD set, gathering dust on my “entertainment” console. Just need a working DVD player. Hmmm…


Song of the Day: Pink Floyd/”Not Now John:” From Genius, with the correct lyrics:

“Not Now John” forms the climax of The Final Cut, primarily dealing with the topics of war, labor, and corruption.

“Written by Roger Waters, the lyrics provide a critique of post-war America, Europe and Japan — Waters outlines a change in global trade, and presents Japan as the emerging leader of the consumer goods industry.

“The song title does not reference a specific person or character. Instead, “John” is used as an informal means of address for someone being spoken to. In Britain at the song’s time of writing, this term would have been associated with blue-collar workers (manual industry).


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