HH20/T-Minus 59: Sandwich

The high point of my day was running the HWY-5 3 miler with an 11:35 pace, despite it being a very hilly course for the distance.

Our office had been given the blessing to telework just before 11:00 a.m. I got home about 11:15 and decided that I was in no rush to head for the company worksite. I got dressed about 11:20, but didn’t get out the door and on the road until 11:55.

Oh, and no I didn’t stretch.

Aside from that being a bad habit of mine, I am also playing with injury every time I run without doing some sort of stretching first. A couple of years ago, on the same course that I ran today, I pulled a groin muscle running the downhill on south Willows Road. I limped through the rest of the run, and then sat for a week waiting for the muscle to heal.

There was a strong breeze (not quite a full wind), but it was warm enough where I could put on a short sleeved shirt and running shorts.The sun shine bright enough through the clouds to warm the midday up some.

I couldn’t hear the times going off because I was sharing the road with noonday traffic. It wasn’t that heavy, but I seemed to encounter passing cars every time I came near the mile marker. After I finished the run with the customary “closing kick” up the hill towards the Abberly Crest Apartments main entry road, I checked out my time and my splits; not bad considering how long (about 4 plus hours) since I ate.

That was as good as the day was going to get. I blew my keto “diet” this morning when I visited the newly-opened Donut Connection pastry and coffee shop. There were signs around the area anticipating its opening for about 11 years, and it was good to finally see it open. I commemorated my first purchase with a small mocha, a honey-dip donut and a powdered black raspberry donut. Strike one.

Strike two came at 2:30 this afternoon. Frustrated with trying to get my laptop to work, I took a break and went to Jimmy John’s for a belated lunch. I got the Lunch Box with an Italian on 7-grain wheat, a dill pickle spear, a bag of potato chips, chocolate chip cookie, and a 24-oz. Minute Maid lemonade.

I am now eating Strike Three, a junior (one-patty) hamburger with ketchup, mayonnaise, and relish. I bought a bag of original flavor Doritos, but I do plan to wash that out with a couple of 32-oz servings of Mio water.

That scale is not gonna be good to me this Sunday.

Song of the Day: Adam and the Ants:/”Kings of the Wild Frontier”. Sorry folks, all I got is the lyrics.

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