HH2020: Countdown

60 days from the Historic Half Marathon in Fredericksburg, VA…the countdown begins today, and so do the daily posts.

Coronavirus update: Other than the occasional runny nose, I am still healthy and still working out. Tomorrow will be a 3 mile run…maybe after work, just before the bike ride home? Nah…just up at 0500 and three miles like every other morning.

Still healthy means still working, and waiting to see when/if i will truly be teleworking or not. Really, I have no reason not to work, and company policy dictates that if the government offices close, I have to decamp back to the main office. Not that big of a deal, just means an extra 5 minutes on the bike ride to work.

Oh, and I do have toilet paper. No hand sanitizer though.

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, and the Governor of Maryland has ordered all establishments of eating and drinking closed until further notice. So, unless people are drinking green-colored alcoholic beverages in their homes, this will be the lamest St. Patrick’s Day in modern history.

The 17.75 Race got cancelled last week, and I won’t know about the Historic Half for another month. For now I will just train like it’s still going.

Oh, and out of town trips for running, or anything else, are on hold for the foreseeable future.

Song of the Day: The B-52s/”Rock Lobster:” Does this have anything to do with running? Not really. St Patrick’s Day? Nope. #147 on Rolling Stone’s Top 500 Songs of All Time:

“A self-described “quirky little dance band,” the B-52‘s invented New Wave weirdness with this slice of bouffant pop topped with Farfisa organ, Yoko Ono-ish vocals and Schneider’s creepy speak-singing about a bizarro seaside scene. “I was at a disco that had pictures of lobsters and children playing ball,” he said. “ ’Rock Lobster’ sounded like a good title for a song.”:


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