Historic Half 2020: Ides

Not a very good omen for running when the songs you hear during your pre-run prep are: Wham/”Freedom”; Supertramp/(I have since forgotten and  I don’t care right now); Laura Branigan/”Gloria”; and Madonna/”Borderline (and I still HATE this song 35 years later).

Put in contacts and ditched the glasses for running; I’m tired of having to deal with foggy lenses, and the run in DC on the Arlington Bridge was the very dangerous last straw. Otherwise I was out of bed at the 0430 alarm, dressed and out the door at 0455. It was a little nippy out so I grabbed a pair of gloves.

The first quarter moon from early Saturday morning was gone,  but no matter. The run this morning was out to Hilton Ridge Road and back, a short trot up the hill on MD-5 going south. First hill going up to Ranieri Run on south Willow Road. Second hill, a bit steeper and longer, was a short rise, followed by a long climb up MD-5 South, and hitting the 2-mile mark of the run just before the top of the climb. Even though it was pretty flat going out and back to Hilton Ridge Road for the turnaround, my pace after the downhill on MD-5 going back north was about 12:35. The last big climb and then the denouement going back up Willow Road north back to Abberly Crest for the finish.

Made it back to AC at the top of the hill at one hour exactly. Good 12 minute pace for five miles of rolling hills.

Back to the apartment to cool down. Stepped on the scale and I’m four pounds lighter than I was last week. Progress!

In regards to the keto diet and working out, this has been the most disciplined I have been all year to date. Even though I postponed the Thursday morning workout to the afternoon, I still got in the intervals and the circuit course in a timely manner. This was after a half hour bike ride home from work. The rest of the week I was out of the rack at 0430dressed by 0440, and out the door to run or to the gym at 0455.

The keto diet has gone much better. There were a few between meals cheats over Friday and Saturday, but otherwise I stuck to my meal plans, with cups of bulletproof coffee (with heavy cream, a tablespoon or pat of butter, and a packet of Truvia sweetener) or bottles of water with a squirt or two of Mio water enhancer.

This morning I ran with a packet of UCan in a 12 oz. glass of water. It didn’t completely mis when I stirred it into the water, but I still downed it before the run. I didn’t get dehydrated and it didn’t loosen my bowels. I think I will stick with this for the foreseeable future and forgo the Nuun tablets.

Next week it’s back to the longer runs as i go for 3,4, then 8 next Sunday (course TBD). For the time being, I’m going to keep running at lunch until it starts getting too warm out (maybe May?).

Keto postscript: $80 worth of groceries and I still forgot to by creamer. So I had breakfast with my post Sunday run pancakes and bacon. I think the keto diet is having an effect on my eating because I am leaving more of my breakfast unfinished. I was nearly full two bites into my second stack of ‘cakes.

COVID-19 postscript: Shopping at Wal-Mart on a payday Saturday in the middle of the coronavirus panic…yeah, no. I have never seen a Wal-Mart stripped so bare before, even though I did get two USDA chic ribeye steaks. I got two four-packs of Scott 1000 sheet roll toilet paper, and I did buy two packs of extra strength cold-and flu medicine at Wal-Mart so I’m good there.

Can I still get a haircut, though?

Song of the Day: Nada Surf/”Popular:” Other than the track was produced by late Cars founder/singer/guitarist Ric Ocasek? Thanks for nothing, Genius.

If you are interested in retro takes (jazz/swing/blues) on modern rock hits, I can highly recommend the Postmodern Jukebox channel on YouTube.

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