Historic Half 2020: A Day

0430: The alarm goes off…I guess?

0451: Whoops…slept right through my five minute grace period. Nice going, now I’ll have to do my workout after work…and a twenty minute bike ride home.

0551: Am I gonna get up today or something.

0651: Okay, I guess I get no breakfast either. Out of bed, undress, straight to the shower.

0740: On the way to work.

0755: Park the car. Down the steps in the parking garage. Through the security gate. Into the office. My laptop is still in the trunk! Out of the office. Past security. Up the parking garage steps. Pop the trunk and retrieve the backpack with my laptop. Down the steps…again. Through security…again. Into the office at 0810.

0815: Breakfast of scrambled eggs, two large links of pork sausage, all covered with a ladle of salsa. Add a small Yeti cup of bulletproof coffee (whipping cream, 1 pat of butter, and 1 packet of Truvia) and I have a keto breakfast.

1315/1:15 p.m.: After running errands, returning the rental car, and a bike ride back to work, it’s a keto lunch of chili with a half-liter bottle of water. As I choke my way through the 8 oz. cup, I deduce that it is possible to have too many beans in your chili.

5:15 p.m.: A twenty minute bike ride, stretched to a half hour to retrieve my $17 Yeti cup that I left in the front console compartment of the rental car.

5:20-5:35: Start weekly laundry, rocking some YouTube as I prep my loads.

5:45: Out the door. Warm up walk before doing two 0.8 mi. intervals. The course starts with a downhill going towards Willow Rd. south, then turn onto Gren meadow Lane and follow the road all the way to the Valley recreation building, then finish with an uphill. A brief cool down walk before heading to the starting point for one last lap.

The objectives of the interval: increasing the pace on downhills, maintaining a steady pace on the flats (75% of race pace) then working the hills without stopping or killing myself.

1810/6:10 p.m: Intervals are done, thirteen hours later. Another load in the washer, the first load goes into the dryer.

1815: A little hike to the Apex Clubhouse for my circuit cycle course. No need to stretch, since I’m already “warmed up.” As I progress through my three sets, three more people enter the workout room to exercise. When the third person joins the other man and woman in the place, I decide to quickly but smartly finish the workout before the place gets too crowded.

1845: Thirteen hours later than scheduled, my workout for the day is complete. Time for the walk back to the apartment, a portion shake, and a nice keto dinner.

7:10 p.m.: I hit the blog.


Health and comfort:

I don’t have the coronavirus, but it’s getting on my nerves. It’s not the bubonic plague, the ebola virus, or the superflu/Captain Trips from Steven King’s The Stand.

Calm down people, for the love of God.

One mini-junk food spree notwithstanding, I have been much more faithful with my keto diet this week. Hope the scale agrees with me after the run on Sunday.

My “new” running shoes have made it through one short run and two laps of intervals. My feet feel fine, but I will be looking at the ASICS and Runners Warehouse sites this weekend for some clearance priced GT-1000s or gel Contend-6s.

Run-for-lunch bunch tomorrow (weather permitting) and Triple E 5 planned for Sunday. I need to work the hills. even though this is my “easy week.”

I need to buy a small nutcracker; about 10~20% of the pistachios in an 8-oz. bag are not crackable or easily opened.


Song of the Day: Sublime/”Santeria:” From Genius:

“This was written about a guy contemplating using black magic, voodoo, or “santeria” – anything he can to get back his girl.

“Instrumentally, Sublime had already released a version of this song called “Lincoln Highway Dub” on the Robbin’ The Hood album in 1994.

“Eric Wilson (bassist) told SongFacts:

Originally, I did it on a four-track on the previous album Robbin’ the Hood, and the name of it is ‘Lincoln Highway Dub.’ It’s an instrumental song on that album, and [Brad Nowell, vocals & guitar, RIP] just put words on it. I couldn’t really tell you what inspired ‘Santeria’ lyrically, but that’s how the song came about … And it went on to be one of our biggest songs.


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