Historic Half 2020: Great Mills 8

Stepping out of the apartment, on my way for an emergency purchase of replacement running shoes, I looked up and saw the full moon.

That’s when I knew everything was going to be all right, when I went for my 8-mile run this morning.

I went to bed late because I was late getting my dinner. I decided to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken and found myself going through drive-thru…with three other cars in front of me.

Dinner started at 10:00 p.m. and I went to bed at 11:30, setting the alarm so I could get up and move the clocks ahead for Daylight Savings Time.

0430 came, and I didn’t hesitate to get out of bed. “When the full moon is callin’,” I said to myself, “Mister Scott don’t say no.” The thermometer read 31 degrees, so I bundled up: bright yellow base layer over white long-sleeved tech shirt. Thermal long-johns underneath my Brooks running tights. Cap and gloves. Stretched at 0440. Downed a bottle of water, mixed with a packet of UCan Hydrate, which I picked up at last year’s Runner’s Expo.

0505. Activated my MapMyRun app on my smartphone, and I took off under the bright, pale moonlight.

It was pretty cold but I bundled up well. I took off at a good pace; at the Bay Montessori School, the MMR app told me I was at an 11:45 pace. As I made the first big climb up MD-5 West, I felt something brewing in my bowels. I was tempted to make a stop at the Sheetz gas station to make a quick No. 2, but as I hit the next big hill going up Great Mills Road, I managed to work my way through “the urge” and my bowels settled down.

I bought a pair of ASICS Gel Contend 5s at Dick’s Sporting Goods last night. My old Brooks Ravennas had been worn down; I was okay on Friday, but I didn’t want to risk any injury running in worn down shoes. Two potential problems: Contend 5s are not made for overpronators, and while a size 12 fit me snugly, a size 13 would probably have been better. Still for $42, it was a matter of taking good over great.

During the course of the run, the Contend 5s held up pretty well, but there was that small nagging in my right foot…plantar much, maybe?

The rolling hills of Great Mills Road came and went. My pace hovered around 12:30, but I knew it was because of all the inclines and declines. I really haven’t studied the actual elevation of the Historic Half, but with my weekend of busting my keto diet added in, I felt I needed to start working some hills. After the last short climb just before the Burger King, Great Mills flattened out. At the familiar corner of Great Mills Road and Shangri-La Drive/Willows Road, I made the turn right on Willows and picked up the pace for the home stretch.

I finished the run around 0645. After I got home, I got on the scale…up three pounds. My mini-vacation also meant I wen really hard off the keto diet.

Normally, I usually put breakfast on about a half hour after a run. After my weigh-in, I put on my cool-down sweats and laid down for a bit. I finished the run at 0645. At 0945 I said “To hell with cooking, I’m getting McDonald’s.” Maybe it was the impact of losing that hour of sleep? Maybe I ran harder than I thought? A little bit more fatigue than usual? Whatever it was, I wasn’t even up for making a pot of coffee, let along my usual Sunday pancakes and sausage.

My runs have been at a 12:15~12:30 clip, which will do since I need to start running more hills. I made up for all my missed circuit cycles with some extra sets/lesser weights. Yesterday, frosh off a two hour drive back from DC, I did two sets, but with added weights. I am back in my workout routine, but I need to do better on the keto diet if I really want to see better results. I get really bad when i do something where I have to skip lunch and end up munching on a Snickers bar…which leads to soda and more junk food.

Song of the Day: Iron Maiden/”Run to the Hills:” my hometown Bradley Braves (Bradley University, Peoria, IL) won the 30th annual Missouri Valley Conference Tournament and are going to the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament for the second straight year.

We’re coming for you, Gonzaga!

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