Historic Half 2020: Scenic

Significant events since my last blog entry:

A good friend of mine passed away late Sunday night.

I have logged about 32~33 miles that last two weeks.

15 of those miles have been run aboard Naval Air Station Patuxent River, MD.

I have spent the last three cycle circuits sessions making up for the week that I missed all my circuit workouts; instead of two sets at regular weight, I have been doing there sets with ten fewer pounds on each excercise.


Wednesday morning: Hey I think I’ll take a mini-vacay into DC this weekend.

Later: I ask the Marine Corps Marathon & 10K Facebook page for recommendations on a good 4 mi. run.

Wednesday night: Book a hotel room and pack about 85% of my stuff.

Thursday morning: Check out the MCM/10K page. Most popular recommendations are for Rock Creek Park, the Capital Crescent, and the National Mall.

Thursday evening: After work, I load up and head into DC. I miss the last turn and spend an extra 15 minutes in the car.

0200 Friday: After 5 1/2 hours of sleep, I get up and stay up. Still have no idea on where to run.

0300: After an hour on YouTube, I hop on MapMyRun an plot a convenient course from my hotel, the Graham. A short run on the C&O Towpath to the Rock Creek Trail. Follow the trail all the way across the Arlington memorial Bridge and back. 4 miles and a few pennies.

0330: Temperature at 0500 step-off will be 38 degrees. I packed shorts instead of my running tights. No gloves, No balaclava or knit cap. My near-empty bottle of Skin-So-Soft, which I did pack. will not be used this morning.

0440: Dress and stretch. Out the door at 0450.


Me at 0500: “Wait, where’s the C&O? (checks MMR) OOPS, went too far.

//run deleted, back to the Graham to start again.

Me at 0505: “Okay this is the Towpath, just follow it to the Rock Creek Trail. Should be easy to spot.” Good luck spotting anything with fogged up glasses at just past 0500.

I hit Rock Creek and followed it…sort of… to the Lincoln Memorial and the Arlington Bridge.

“Damn…can’t really feel out this path..oh, with there’s the Bridge. Wait, no not this way, let me turn around.”

Lots of “turning around” to come.

Heading west on the bridge: “Damn! All this construction! Screw this let me turn around and go back home.

“Wait, can I cross the street and run on the other side of the bridge?

//manages to safely cross over

“Okay! Let’s see if I can cross the bridge and run the full circle back!”

I made it across the bridge, but because of the construction and the traffic patters, there was no way I could fully circle and make it back. Ran the same path back across the bridge.

“Great…can’t see squat…where’s the bridgehead so I ca cross back over?” This is where I got some extended run time this morning. I got flummoxed and ran into the staging zone around the eastern bridgehead, where they were doing construction. After struggling to get out of there, I got disoriented trying to find the Rock Creek Trail. Forgetting to look for Parkway Drive, I wound up on 23rd Street NW,

“Okay let me turn MMR on and find out where I am…

“Yep…waaay off course. Okay let me follow this highway and it should take me back to the Trail…”

“Damn…can I cross here without getting hit by a car?

“Glasses are fogging up way too much…

“Okay, right here, and I can go right back on the trail…”

“Okay, I’m back on the trail but going the wrong way…”

I did find my way back to the Rock Creek Trail, and I loved it so much that I ran up and down a half mile stretch of it trying to go in the direction that would take me back to the C&O Towpath and back to the hotel. From Virginia Avenue NW, I ran up and down the Trail for about 22 minutes and an extra mile and a half before I finally found the C&O Towpath endpoint and the up-and-down brick path back to the Graham.

The weather didn’t become a problem until the homestretch back up the Towpath. The extra mileage and time put a bit of frost on my left arm, as I had used it to hold my smartphone while I paused and navigated MapMyRun for the right path home.

I did finish the run, with some bonus mileage. I spent way too much time getting lost and trying to find my way back, so my pace was totally shot. However, my feet held up from adding more wear and tear to my over-pronated shoes. No plantar pain or other soreness. That being said, I will either have to spring for another pair of shoes or break out my new pair of Brooks for the Sunday 8-miler.

Song of the Day: Radiohead/”Paranoid Android:” From Genius:

“Paranoid Android,” the first single from OK Computer, is characterized by three distinct moods written in what Thom Yorke referred to as three different states of mind. The song’s lyrics tie in with a number of themes common in OK Computer, including insanity, violence, slogans, and political objection to capitalism.

“Yorke’s lyrics were based on an unpleasant experience at a Los Angeles bar during which he was surrounded by strangers high on cocaine. In particular, Yorke was frightened by a woman who became violent after someone spilled a drink on her.

“The woman inspired the line “kicking squealing Gucci little piggy” in the song’s second section. Yorke her as “inhuman”, and said

[…]there was a look in this woman’s eyes that I’d never seen before anywhere… Couldn’t sleep that night because of it.


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