Historic Half 2020: Scavenger

This morning’s excuse for not answering the 0430 alarm and getting in the 5 miles? “I had to go shopping for the last few items on my list and look around before I have to turn the rental car in at noon. I’ll go running this afternoon.”

So, I just got back from a rare Sunday afternoon run. It was 55 degrees out, so I ditched the cold-weather outfit for some warmer gear. I put on my grey US MARINES running shirt that I bought from the Marine Corps Museum last year, pairing it with my thirty-something year old red and gold USMC running shorts. I put my grey shirt over an Athletic Wear compression shirt (the last one that will fit me?), and put on my Brooks running ball cap. At just before 1:00 P.M. EST, I activated my MapMyRun app, tucked it into my FlipBelt. and off I went.

Because traffic is heavy on Sunday afternoons, I had to make a couple of adjustments to my running route from Abberly Crest to NAS Patuxent River Gate 1. First instead of crossing over at the intersection of Great Mills and Three Notch Road, going into the closed gate 2, I turned left onto the crosswalk and took the sidewalk onto Three Notch, facing the traffic. I followed that until I got to the intersection of Shangri-La Drive and then crossed over onto the highway, and onto the grassy curb, facing traffic and heading towards Gate 1.

Another change: instead of running in the bicycle lane, I ran on the grassy curb. I wanted to ease the plantar on my right foot by alternating between turf and asphalt. I followed the grassy curb onto the lane heading towards Gate 1. After the downward trek towards the gate, I turned around just before the gate and headed back uphill towards the road going out of the base, again running with the traffic. At the intersection of Pegg Road (going into Gate1) and Three Notch, I followed the crosswalk onto Three Notch. Instead of trying to cross the roadie heavy traffic, I decided to take the grassy curb back up t Three Notch towards home. I was facing traffic, but the curb was more than wide enough so i was in no danger.

When it was safe enough, I crossed Three Notch back onto the sidewalk facing traffic and followed the usual path home:keeping on the sidewalk/curb from Three Notch to Great Mills Road, then onto Shangri-La/Willow and south on Willow Road towards the original starting point at Abberly Crest.

My final distance/pace was 12:09 for 5.1 miles. After checking MapMyRun, my sort-of-average pace was 12:24 for Miles 2 thru 4. I would attribute that to mostly running on the grass instead of the asphalt. yeah, yeah, likely story. That being said, even though I was slower overall, I felt a little better today. I got in my normal stretch and I am feeling just fine after what is now my longest run of 2020.

Scavenger Hunt

Ever spend a $100 on groceries and still end up missing one or two things? This morning, after breakfast at Cracker Barrel, I went looking for three things: Egg Beaters to use as egg wash for my Scotch eggs, penny coin wrappers, and berries. I also wanted to stop by BJ’s Shopping Club to see if I could find a cheap 32″ TV.

After four hours in the car, I found the Egg Beaters at Giant Supermarket, and a large carton of blackberries at Wal-Mart. I found a bag of penny wrappers at Staples, but the $4.99 bag of wrappers was rung up at $6.13 (plus tax) at the register. I took the bag back for a refund and decided to make a visit to the Cedar Point Federal Credit Union sometime this week and see if they have some wrappers…preferably for free.

At BJ’s, I found a bargain brand, 32″ flatscreen TV for 80$, after a ridiculously deep discount ($50 off with manufacturers coupon!). So I bought that…big-a$$ impulse buy of the week.

I turned in the rental car; noticing the fine weather, I planned a run at 1:00 P.M.-ish. Around 12:15, I poured a 16-oz. bottle of water into a supposed 32-oz. cup, squeezed in some Mio energy water, and prepped for the run.


The running was the only thing good about last week. I completely blew off the gym and my keto diet this week…oh, look, I gained two pounds.

So, I am running for lunch tomorrow; going to try to run the secret Pax River gate-to-gate trail…well, one of them anyway. I will be on the Run for Lunch program this week, running on base. I will also get back on the keto program. After calling my sister on Friday and wishing her a Happy Birthday, she told me the big thing was the bulletproof coffee.

Bullet proof coffee is coffee with heavy whipping cream and about two spoonfuls of butter, with one packet of Trivia (or Stevia in the Raw, if it manages to taste better). The Bulletproof coffee is supposed to help with the between meals cravings, and also means I will need less food as the day goes on. Hope this works.

Song of the Day (hat tip to Sirius XM, my one-day companion for the weekend shopping)

Buffalo Springfield/”Hung Upside Down:” The only thing Genius has for me is that one of the sound engineers on Buffalo Springfield’s second album was one Jim Messina, who would later join Kenny Loggins in a singing duo. Stephen Stills (Crosby-Stills-Nash-sometimes Young) write, sang lead vocals and played guitar and a dubbed in organ; Neil Young played lead guitar and backing vocals.

John Lennon/”Cold Turkey:” From Genius: “Cold Turkey was banned. They thought it was a pro-drugs song. But I’ve always expressed what I’ve been feeling or thinking at the time. So I was just writing the experience I’d had of withdrawing from heroin. To some it was a rock ‘n’ roll version of The Man With The Golden Arm because it showed Frank Sinatra suffering from drug withdrawal.” – John Lennon

Let’s see what happens when I go back on keto this week…

The Beatles/”Slow Down:” Okay, it’s not the actual Beatles. In fact, the Beatles covered the original song by Larry Williams. However, I wanted something with a little meatier bass and rhythm guitars.

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