Historic Half 2020: Punishment

As in: glutton for…


Got up three minutes past the 0430 alarm. I knew I had to go running this morning, so I just shrugged off the sleep and got bundled up (yellow base layer over grey thermal top, thermal long johns under my running tights). My morning No.2 took too long, so at 0500 I was dressed and out the door sans stretching.

The wind was at 15 mph, at least, that’s what the flags outside Abberly Crest Apartments were saying. As I started my three-miler towards Shangri-La and back, I regretted not wearing my balaclava instead of just the knit cap. I wonder if somebody makes balaclavas in Day-Glo/low-visibility covers?

The wind was pretty stiff out, so I knew my pace was going to be slow this morning. I did get faster as the run progressed, as my mile times dipped from 12:41 to 12;17 to 11:25. AS I hit the two-mile mark, a half-mile from Abberly, the drum solo from an old Peter Gabriel song popped into my head, and I really began to pick up the pace for my final mile. AS I hit the final turnaround just outside the Abberly back entrance, I hit the three miles, but I decided on hitting that lats uphill and finishing strong.

Cold and windy as it was, I still took enough time to take a selfie and post my morning-run exploits to facebook. So much vanity in the face of adversity.

It’s a good thing my runs are going well, because everything else is not. I blew out my back tire coming home from the supermarket on Tuesday, meaning no bike ride for two days and now I have to go to the bike shop on my off day. I have just about blown off my trips to the gym for the week, and my keto diet plans went south this week as well. Oh, and I have no real excuses for either my diet or my weight training going south either.

Not looking forward to stepping on the scale after the run on Sunday…

Song of the Day: Peter Gabriel/”Not One of Us:” The closing drum solo and guitar riffs were what I was ‘hearing” on the last mile of the run. Peter Gabriel’s eponymous third solo album  (the one with the melting face) was the first album I ever bought with my own money. I purchased the cassette tape for the song “Games Without Frontiers,” and discovered this track one day after letting “Games” finished up. The song’s theme of alienation from standing out, as well as the strong musical styling, struck an instant chord with me. “Oooh, that’s good…what else is on this tape?”



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