Historic Half 2020: Gear Interlude

I am not a paid spokesperson for anybody; I just don’t have the likes or reads on this here blog.

The winter weather in southern Maryland has been generously not-so-cold enough where I can actually run, at least in the afternoons (shooting for mainly lunch). Training for the Historic Half Marathon in May means  accelerated training starting in February.

Headgear: I have a balaclava for when the weather is cold and windy enough to wear it. Where was it this morning? On less chilly days, I break out the old hi-visibility white Brooks tech ball cap, and ear muffs if needed.

Shirts: Either a hi-yellow Athletic Wear base wear shirt or a white tech shirt over a long sleeve thermal shirt. If it’s less-than-cool outside, just a plain short sleeve T-shirt to AW compression shirt…preferably one of the few left that can fit me.

Tights: Either of the two pair of Brooks running tights, or the Athletic Wear black running tights. The two Brooks tights are medium but well broken in, so they fit me well. The AW tights are in large and are a little bit more comfortable.

I may need a refresh on my long and ankle length running socks; most of them have at least one hole around the big toe region. I could buy more expensive socks, but when I’ve only had one blister in six years of running, why fix what ain’t broken?

My FlipBelt has a nice key holder, but I haven’t gotten around to remembering how to properly insert my smartphone without either dropping it or having a failure with the MapMyRun app.

My Brooks Ravenns are looking their age. If I run in them too long, I risk injury. I will probably head to Runner’s Wearhouse and buy an inexpensive but effective pair of adidas running shoes about a month before the Historic Half.

I am not using any pre-run or in run supplements at this time; no Nuun tablets, no Tailwind, not even a 12~16 oz. water with a splash of Mio water enhancer in it. I’m still feeling okay, but I wonder if it would help with the weight?


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