Historic Half 2020: Punitive

New rule for 2020: I miss a run day for any preventable reason, I make up the run on Monday, sleep and distance of the run be damned.

I missed six Wednesday runs from July through September last year, which may help explain why I was not at my running weight and/or my poor performance at the Marine Corps Marathon last year. So, from now on, if I miss any run and I have no real excuse for it, I make it up on Monday.

On Friday, I could have done a better recon of the area at lunch, or I could have just started my run at my usual site on base and made that turn. Either way, I tried to run on Monday and I screwed up because of poor run routing.

So, I made it up this afternoon. Nothing fancy, just the usual Willow Road to Shangri-La and back. I was tempted to go the full three miles, but I decided to save it for the rest of the week.

I ran at an 11:48 clip, my best pace of the year by 3 seconds. I ran 2.79 miles; adding the 0.28 from my Friday abort puts me at 3.07, so I’m good.

I thought a lot about the base run, and I thought up a couple of new routes. I will only be able to test one of them this week (I’m off Friday, unless I really like riding in to work just to run). We’ll see what happens.

Winter Gear:

With my accelerated run schedule, I am finally making good use of the commemorative MCM mock turtlenecks that are issued to runners every year at the Runner’s Expo. I prefer the thicker mock turtlenecks because I only have to wear a compression shirt or a regular tee-shirt underneath to keep arm. With the thinner tech shirt that we were issued last year, I have to wear a base layer or long-sleeve tech shirt underneath.

I spent $200 in  Brooks running tights at the Runner’s Expo in 2018. I think I spent about $60 in tights between Kohl’s, Wal-Mart, and Dick’s Sporting Goods in fall/winter 2019.

My preferred non-Brooks tights are from Athletic Wear from Wal-Mart. I wear a size large in those tights, while the Brooks are a snug-fitting but okay fitting medium. AW’s tights are loose around my crotch/groin area, and the cuffs hit me right at the ankle, so they look and feel good. I had to “retire’ two sets of  medium tights to house duty because they neither fit me or looked good.

For my run today, I wore a long-sleeve tech shirt from the 2016 Woodrow Wilson Bridge Half-Marathon. The 2014 WWB Half was were I got a PR (personal record/best time) for half. The first race I attended was well organized, but then they went downhill from there. I miss that race.

It wasn’t an issue today, but i wore my ball cap instead of my ear-covering ski-cap. I bought two pairs of ear muffs this winter and I lost both pair. $22 down the drain.

I don’t think my current running shoes (Brooks Ravennas) are gonna make it to May 17, the date of the Historic Half Marathon.

Song of the Day

Beatsie Boys/”Fight for Your Right:” This song just popped into my head for no reason at all after the run today. Fourth single from their debut album, Licensed to Ill. The Beasties started their life as a punk band, founded by a female named Katie Shellenbach. Katie was cut when Rick Rubin signed the band to Def Jam Records. Slayer Guitarist Kerry King played the guitar solo on the track.  Also sprach Genius:

  • The song was written as a satirical, sarcastic jab at “party anthems”. The group indulged in this image with their tongues firmly in their cheeks, but to their disappointment, the joke was lost on the masses. “Fight for Your Right” became a frat house battle cry and the Beastie Boys became synonymous with the lifestyle they were parodying…

“Rhymin’ an’ Stealin’:” My first ever favorite Beatsie Boys song. I heard the drum samples from Led Zeppelin’s “When the Levee Breaks” and I was hooked. Arrr, matey, they be Jewish pyrates from Brookyn!


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