Historic Half 2020: Here Comes the Sun

Monday, 0430:

Got up at 0430, just as the alarm on my smartphone went off. Got out my Flat Me, which is my running outfit, set out from head to toe on the night before. I’m dressed for warmth  and a short run, so no Skin-So-Soft or BodyGlide this morning. Full stretch and out the door at 0455.

At the Pax River Navy Lodge, I walked up the access road to the stop sign. I activated the MapMyRun on the smartphone and took off. Barreling down Cuddihy Road towards the intersection, I quickly realized this was going to be a doozy of a run; as I turned onto Buse Road, I remembered from my longer base runs how many hills were on the roads on this part of NAS Patuxent River. Buse Road would be up-down-up towards Cedar Point Road, where I would make a long drop towards the long stretch towards the Marine Aviation Detachment headquarters building.

After a good stretch of relatively flat road, I made the turnaround at the MAD HQ sign. I alternated between the grass on the curb and the road before finally just settling for pavement, then made the curved and somewhat steep climb back up Cedar Point Road. At the intersection of Cedar Point and Buse, I turned right, then went down up down, before going up towards Buse-Cuddihy, then back up Cuddihy and towards the Navy Lodge sign for the finish.


Wednesday 0430:

//Shit, I have an eye exam at MyEyeDr for my glasses at noon. I guess I’ll run after work?

//11:30 a.m: Damn! Cold and wet out here today. Maybe I should have run earlier.

//4:20 p.m.: Great, lemme go pay for those glasses…getting dark and still raining?

//6:00 p.m: Too much money for glasses (should’ve gone to Wal-Mart!), too dark, too rainy. My first no-show of 2020.


Friday 1:45 p.m.

Rainy through Friday morning. The sun came out today in brief spurts as the 15M.p.h winds (GALE FORCE ADVISORY) push the cloud cover over the sun. After the morning’s errands and dropping $90 for groceries at Wal-Mart, I decide to run while the sun is still shining.

I dressed in all black, hoping to catch some of the rays and anticipating another chilly day. Black DC Runners hooded tech short over dark gray base layer, my favorite Brooks running tights, white UnderArmour ball cap to block the sun from my eyes, and last year’s Brooks go-fasters on my feet. My overprinting stance on my shoes tells me I may have to switch shoes sooner than later.

My pre-run snack left much to be desired, considering I’m supposed to be attempting a keto diet: two packs of Fruit Quenchers, four mini Slim Jims, and a Hershey’s Cookies and Cream bar, all washed down with about 12~16 oz. of Lipton Citrus Green tea.

By the way, I’m not doing ad placement in this blog; think of it as confessing my sins.

Anyway, I got in a good stretch for my legs, headed out to the sign at the main Abberly Crest Apartments entrance, set up MMR…and away I went.

I stretched the run out to the end of Shangri-La Drive, going to the stoplight at the intersection of Shangri-La and MD-235. I kinda cut it short before the crosswalk because I saw the crosswalk countdown was running low and I didn’t want to get caught when the light went green. Back down Shangri-La and Willows Road north, then extending the finish towards the second Abberly Crest sign to make up for shortening the run.

I’m running about a 12:10~12:15 pace right now. After three runs since last Saturday. To make up for my Wednesday no-show, I will do the iStore 4 on Sunday. Willow Road south towards the MD-5, then back up Willow Road to the iStore facility and back to the start.

Can’t wait to see what the scale looks like on Sunday morning…and maybe the skies will be clear enough for a moonlight run?

Song of the Day: Two from YouTube sensation Melodicka bros, two gents who do serious style changes on their cover versions of songs:

Killing in the Name: A jazzy, laid back, PG-13 remix of the classic from Rage Against the Machine. “I’m sorry, Sir, but I won’t do what you requested.”

“Du Hast:” Big band/swing version of the Rammstein anthem against fidelity. Job well done to Dave and joe!

Fleetwood Mac/”Oh Well:” If the YouTube album cover is right, this is former lead singer/guitarist Bob Welch jamming on guitar and paying tribute to his Mac predecessors David Green and Jeremy Spencer.

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