Refresher Week #2: Keto

//Up in the morning with the rising sun/

//Gonna run all day, ’til the running’s done

This morning, I moved my 0500 run to 0645, so I could actually match that old Marine Corps running cadence. Not the fastest time ever, but still the fastest time of the week.

The runs are getting done. I moved my Tuesday afternoon run to 0500 because I was going to attend a friend’s going away party. Not only did I not stretch, but I forgot to charge my phone before I went to bed, so no tracking by MapMyRun either. I did my Thursday lunchtime trot as well as this morning’s sunrise run. The times will get better as the weather gets warmer and the weight goes down.

So, this week I started a very basic keto diet. Eggs and bacon/sausage in the morning, meat entree’ and non-starchy vegetables for lunch and dinner. Cutting back on sugars, carbohydrates, and starches as much as possible. For my morning coffee, I traded my flavored CoffeeMate creamer for heavy whipping cream, butter, and a single packet of Trivia sweetener. Bottled water with Mio water enhancers or VERY limitedLipton Citrus Green tea.

Technically I fell off the wagon by adding rice crackers to my three bowls of chili from my friend, leftover from the chili cook-off at work. I fell hard on Friday; the Indian meat and chicken dishes were so inedible that I was forced to eat a Snickers bar and wash it down with a can of Pepsi. Dinner was  spicy thigh and leg from Popeye’s (but with a side of green beans!).

All that being said, I did lose four pounds this week. My sister told me it won’t be so much about the weight, but my body is supposed to start looking and feeling better. A friend who went on a keto diet told me it was painful to him at first, but eventually he started losing the potbelly gut that he carried for so long.

We shall see.

I am in a good place with the current weights for my circuit cycle. I am sweating more and breathing a little harder after each workout, which means I am really putting in the work. Made it through three 0500 sessions, and each day with a companion or two at the Apex Clubhouse exercise facility.

I am taking Super Bowl Sunday off, though I will attempt to be conscious of what I am eating tomorrow night. Depending on how I feel, I may try to do a ceremonial run at the ofd Physical Fitness Test course on NAS Patuxebt River…or I may just run three miles somewhere just for the hell of it. However, Tuesday at 0500…I am back on the clock for the Historic Half Marathon on May 17th. That means at the gym at 0500 three days a week, running at lunch the other three days, stretching before each session, and sticking to my very basic keto diet as much as possible.

Feels so good to be back…


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