Lifestyle 2020: Dark Saturday

So…Saturday afternoon I took my rental car back to Enterprise. If I bicycle down to Enterprise (usually a 10 minute ride from work), I chain the bicycle to a fence that separates the Enterprise lot from the  sportsmen’s store next door, I have been doing this for over six months and have never had a problem…until this particular day.

Checked the car back in to Enterprise, and I went to get my bike for the ride back home, hopefully with a stop at the local Donut Connection on the way.

My bike was there…less the front tire.

See, I always chain the bike at the back tire to attempt to discourage thieves. Unfortunately, someone in need of a front tire, or just being an asshole, made off with my front tire.

I got an Uber down to Mike’s Bikes to get an entirely new tire/wheel/tube/et cetera. Because my bike is special (i.e. over twenty years old), Mike the owner has to order a new wheel and get the tune and stuff that will actually fit it. Estimated time to fix: a week. A week without my bike, and now I have to bum rides to and from work this week.

Because somebody wanted to be an asshole. Oh, well…the rain falls upon the just and unjust alike.


Just under a month ago, I finally broke down and bought an Atari Flashback 9. A month before that, I purchased an LCD monitor with the intent of using it as an at-home monitor for my work laptop, if I have to work from home.

On Friday, I purchased an HDMI cable, with the intent of hooking up the Flashback to one of the flatscreen TVs in the Apex Clubhouse at Abberly Crest Apartments (where I live) to see if it would work , so I could play some games.

Saturday night, I got the great idea to hook up my Flashback to the monitor, since the monitor was HDMI compatible. The whole set-up process took mere minutes. The monitor turned on, the Flashback 9 powered up.


Ummm…not quite.

The Flashback worked fine, until I got to the part where I pushed the FIRE button on the joystick to start the game. I hit the Fire button, and the screen turned black, then the instruction screen appeared, instead of the game I wanted to play (Yars’ Revenger, by the way). I switched both joysticks, plugged in one instead of two, right controller port then left.

Push the fire button, screen goes black, back to instructions screen,

The inexpensive Onn brand LCD from Wal-Mart worked. The Atari Flashback joysticks worked.

The Flashback console…did NOT work.

Only $50 bucks down the drain, but just more frustration that I did not need.

Assholes and things that don’t work. Yay, me.

So…how was your Saturday?


Next week is getting back in shape for the Semper Fi Challenge, running the Historic Half Marathon on May 17, then running the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Running the Half means my training will be accelerated by a month, which means conditioning starting next week, then back on the road starting February 4. Conditioning will mean three days a week of an hour in the gym, and three days a week on the elliptical. At least the first month back on the road, I plan to run at lunchtime instead of running early in the morning.

This week is my quasi-bacchanal, which means one last week of junk food, sodas and big-ass mela before I go on a very basic keto diet. My goal is to be in much better physical shape for this year’s runs. Before last year’s Marathon, I was 220 lbs. That’s not happening this year.

More to follow…

Song of the Day:

Steve Miller Band/”Fly Like an Eagle” and Amon Amarth (feat. Sabaton)/”Twilight of the Thunder God.” I’m too frustrated with things to bother with Genius for lyric descriptions and stuff right now. The only reason I picked these songs was to taunt fellow Marines about their teams losing  their NFL Wild Card games this weekend.

“Eagle:” Seattle 17, (at) Philadelphia 9. Because Seahawks and Eagles. Fellow Marines are fans of both teams.

“Thunder:” Minnesota 26, (at) New Orleans 20, overtime. Two Marine friends who are VERY vocal Saints fans.



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