Noon 2020

My last run was in the moonlit pre-dawn hours of 6 December, 2019. I had hoped for five, running from Abberly Crest Apartments to Gate 1 of NAS Patuxent River, MD and back; I wasn’t feeling it and settled for the there miles of Shangri-La/Willows Road North and back. Also, I forgot to charge my smartphone battery, so there would be no MapMyRun tracking for my last run of 2020.

I was hoping for starting 2020 by running the perimeter of the Washington Mall. Unfortunately, I drove through afternoon traffic to DC (on New Year’s Eve, no less) to the Washington Hilton to find that I had left my credit card at home. So I made the drive back home to Abberly Crest (in Lexington Park, MD; about 65 miles and close to 2 hours away) to get my card and get my room. No card…no dice. I had to cancel the room, and thus scuttle my plans for running the Mall. Oh, well…next year.

2020 is going to be kind of a big deal for me. I turn 50 on March 25 and I want to celebrate in a fairly big way. This year I have entered the Semper Fi Challenge, running the Historic Half Marathon on May 17, as well as running the full Marine Corps Marathon later in October. This will be the most running I have ever done, meaning I start conditioning after the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, then commence running on the first Tuesday in February ( the 4th, I think).

On a personal and professional level, I plan on doing a bucket list this year, rather than just doing the new year’s resolutions that everyone else does. They are specific goals that I want to accomplish, so I will have to begin planning for them this weekend. I was planning on doing that in the hotel room at the Hilton, but that can wait until this weekend.

In the meantime, I am going to sporadically pick up this blog, posting here and there until I officially get back on the road in February. Oh, I just thought of something…I talked with my older sister over Christmas about going to a Keto diet, so when I begin running again, I plan to go “Keto to the Half.” This way I will have a shot at being much more fit than when I ran the 44th Marine Corps Marathon last October.

Quick recap: My fifth completed Marine Corps Marathon was one to remember, but not in the best way. For the first time in my five years of running the MCM…it rained. Steady rain throughout the morning. About 11:00 a.m., the sun came out as I hit Mile 16. Some combination of too many skipped run sessions, the sudden change intemperate, and me running with a not-so-thin-as-I-thought base layer basically sapped my running strength. I spent the next six miles half marching, half running.

At Mile 22, in Crystal City, I took my first ever shot of beer and shot of Fireball.

At Mile 23, my thighs seized up something fierce.

From the Pentagon Road to Mile 23, I was reduced to walking. I got one last “second wind” at Mile 25, and I was able to march enough where I could finish the MCM at a respectable “finishing kick.” It wasn’t pretty, but it was MCM No. 5 in the books.

Now I have to deal with the MCM Organization about getting my entry into the Runner’s Club, which means I can register for the MCM free for life. That also means I can request a refund for the MCM portion of the Semper Fi Challenge, which I registered in just after Veteran’s Day last year.

Since the MCM, I ran a pretty blasé’ Thanksgiving Prediction 5K Run on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, as well as the December run. In theory, I wanted to run for lunch during the first two weeks in December. In practice, those plans were scuttled by “the holiday spirit.” Okay, really there was just too much stuff going on and i could never get out and run.

Oooh, look at that; time for lunch. Hope Domino’s or Pizza Hut is open today…

Song of the Day: The “Silver Lining” in spending almost four hours in the car on New Hear’s Eve? Hearing these three hits on Sirius XM Classic Rewind on the ill-fated trip back home for my credit card:

Nick Lowe/”They Called It Rock:” The only other song I have ever heard from Nick Lowe was Cruel to Be Kind, which got a lot of heavy airplay during the early years of MTV (formerly known as Music Television, in more ways than one). Nice upbeat track to take the edge off a frustrating drive home.

Stevie Nicks/”Rock and Roll:” Yes, that’s the lovely vocalist from Fleetwood Mac, who also sang “Edge of Seventeen” and “Stand Back,” covering the Led Zeppelin classic. She isn’t Robert Plant (but she’s still prettier than him!), and the band isn’t Page/Jones/Bonham, but on the drive home…IDGAF!

The Blasters/”Rock and Roll Will Stand:” Rockabilly…there’s nothing wrong with it!


I’m sorry, that’s all I’ve got for the SOTD; I think Genius has too much of a bend for the hip-hopgenres in regards to explanations for song lyrics.

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