MCM 2019: Five

It was the Monday afternoon after the Marine Corps Marathon, twenty-five hours after I crossed the MCM finish line for the fifth time.

I rented my hotel room in Rosslyn for one more day. The weak, lame-ass excuse was to attempt to save my rain-drenched smartphone by covering it in a bowl of rice for twenty-four hours.

It was just before 3:00 p.m., and I was doing my laundry from the weekend. I decided to head down to Compass Coffee in downtown Rosslyn for a cappuccino and some sort of pastry while waiting for my load to dry.

On the way down to Compass, I saw some of the signage from the MCM still out on the streets. Ninety percent of the festive decorations from the MCM had been taken down but the signs giving directions to the various Marathon events (most of them connected to the Finisher’s Festival) were still there.

I had not really taken a moment to reflect on the MCM, or the running season in general, so I ambled down the street where the Finisher’s Festival was held. I made my way towards the Iwo Jima Memorial, where they were still taking down the last of the MCM signage and other materials. I traced my way back to the finishing chute and that last upward slope towards the end.

Five times I climbed that last hill.

Five times up that last straightaway towards the finishing arches.

Five times RUNNING WITH PURPOSE, FINISHING WITH PRIDE (hey, it’s only an ad slogan until you’ve actually RAN the damn thing, then you know it’s a way of life)


As much as those last ten miles sucked this year, could I really have just said, “no,” and quit? Could I have really lived with myself?

Bad enough I was forced to take a year off and not even run; could I have really started an MCM and NOT finished?


I finished the Marine Corps Marathon five times.

I have five MCM medals, hanging around the shirts that I wore when I crossed the line, bibs still pinned to them. Each medal a story that ended with me crossing the finish line.

I won those five medals because I raced myself…and I beat ME.

Song of the Day: Meg Myers, “Numb:” I discovered this song while waiting for my cappuccino and chocolate biscotti at Compass Coffee; the baristas were nice enough to tell me the name of the song and the performer. It took em a couple of days after i got home to remember the song, and a little while longer to  find out who sung it.

From Meg: ” [“Numb”]….

is about how I was feeling when my (former) record company was looking for something out of me that just didn’t feel right for many reasons. I was frustrated and it came through in this song.

“Desire:”   “Sometimes it takes two days or two weeks to come up with a chorus, but “Desire” was done in a day. There was something really special about it. I had been listening to Nine Inch Nails a lot, and I really wanted to make something with that vibe. I don’t know if that comes through. We started writing that and it just had that sexual vibe to, and it actually wasn’t about anybody. Andy was really feeling that Nine Inch Nailsinspiration too. We were on the same page with that, which was awesome.”

And, yes that’s her in the video; it was three years between albums.

Lifestyle postscript: Looks like I’ll be scrounging for an Atari Flashback 9; the Flashback X is smaller but has no SD card slot.

Tomorrow: Song of the Day: Greatest Hits!

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