MCM 2019/T-Minus 5: Three!

Next to last run of the training schedule. Three miles of Shangri-La Drive…well, actually northern Willows Road all the way through Shangri-La Drive.

Up at 0430, contacts put in within five minutes. It is a decent 61 degrees, so I go with one of my Marine Corps Marathon mock turtlenecks over a tech shirt. Regular running shorts, no tights. Good stretch and out the door at 0455.

I step out to a light drizzle, but there is some moonlight. As I activated the MapMyRun app, I loaded the Shangri-La 3 route. Checked it out, and going from Abberly Crest through Shangri-La Drive, then back down Willows Road down to Green Meadow Lane, then turning around, is just over three miles.

At the start of the run, I got a new feature from MMR: the run tracker now pauses before you start the run, giving you a few seconds to store your smartphone. Nice!

The weather held off on the rain until the turnaround point at Green Meadow Lane. Not like the shower that greeted me on the bike ride back from the supermarket, but some rain nevertheless. 35:51 at an 11:26 pace. MMR did track me for three miles; the only little glitch was that the voice that called out my distance and pace was garbled and broken up. Might need another update to fix that?

Bathroom break

Okay, just got a look at my beard. It’s not pretty, but it’s what I’m wearing to Arlington Thursday for the drive up there. Tempted to at least trim the mustache; it doesn’t look right around the corners of my mouth and the hairs are growing over my lip.

Oh, by the way…the beard is getting shaved after I get back from the MCM Sunday afternoon. Sundown.

Sleeping in tomorrow, packing as I go, and taking care of some last minute logistical stuff. I plan on cooking my homemade Chili Cubano for the weekend, so I’m going to include a trip to the grocer’s tomorrow. Plan to drive to Arlington on Thursday, Runner’s Expo on Friday, Marine Corps Museum on Saturday, and the Marathon on Sunday.

Rumor control on the Facebook page says that there will be rain the morning of the 44th MCM. I’ve never run MCM in the rain before.

Song of the Day: Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers/”Don’t Come Around Here No More:”

Okay, you really don’t need Genius to tell you what the song is about, especially if you read and listen to the lyrics. Good opening drums and percussion, and I love the sitars by Eurythmics musician Dave Stewart. The video, inspired by the tea party in Alice in Wonderland, is pretty bizarre, but it does match pretty well with the song’s styling. Also, lovely use of backing vocals and strings.

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